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Crash Cards: OSCEs and History Stations for Medical Finals and UKMLA

Crash Cards: OSCEs and History Stations for Medical Finals and UKMLA

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These unique new flashcards are designed to optimise the time medical students spend studying, re-reading and highlighting notes in preparation for OSCE examinations.

The Crash Course book series has been a trusted favourite for generations of medical students having sold over 1 million copies internationally and translated in 8 different languages. New to Crash Course, these unique Crash Cards comprehensively cover all the key scenarios commonly seen in OSCE exams. High yield patient cases, clinical skills, clinical examinations, procedures, and communication stations to cover even the most difficult OSCE scenarios.

Flashcards are a fantastic aid for active recall and mimic the grilling faced during ward rounds. These simple-to-use Crash Cards will help you better manage your time, remember key facts, apply knowledge to practical scenarios - and pass your exams with ease. In addition, the printed pack also comes with access to the complete deck in electronic format, for even easier quick reference, anytime, anywhere.

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Publication date
Issue number
hard cover
Pages count
Dimensions (mm)
102 x 152
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  • Info: Introduction
     Info: OSCE Skills
     Info: History Skills
     Info: Answering questions
     Info: Communication skills
     Info: Consent
     Info: Prescribing skills and therapeutics stations
     Info: Shortness of breath differentials
     Info: Haemoptysis differntials
     Info: Examining the respiratory system
     Info: Respiratory condition signs
     Cases: ILD
     Cases: Pneumonectomy/lobectomy
     Cases: COPD
     Cases: Bronchiectasis
     Cases: Pleural effusion
     Cases: Previous TB
     Cases: Cor pulmonale
     Cases: CF
     Info: Respiratory history
     History: Smoking cessation
     History: Cough
     History: COPD
     History: Asthma
     History: Acute asthma
     History: Chest infection
     Cases: Goitre
     Cases: Hyperthryoidism
     Cases: Hypothyroidism
     Cases: Acromegaly
     Cases: Addisons
     Cases: Cushings syndrome
     Info: Examination of a patient with diabetes
     History: Diabetic review
     History: Tired all the time
     History: Hyperthyroidism
     Info: Examining the cardiovascular system
     Info: Cardiac murmurs
     Info: Cardiac condition signs
     Cases: Valve replacements
     Cases: Pacemakers
     Cases: Heart failure
     Cases: Varicose veins
     Cases: Mitral regurgitation
     Cases: Mitral stenosis
     Cases: Aortic regurgitation
     Cases: Aortic stenosis
     Cases: Mixed aortic valve disease
     Cases: Mixed mitral valve disease
     Cases: Tricuspid regurgitation
     Cases: VSD
     Cases: ASD
     Info: Cardiac history
     Info: Chest pain differentials
     History: Lifestyle advice
     History: Hypertension
     History: Hyperchoelstraemia
     History: Chest pain
     History: Angina
     History: Palpitations
     Info: Examining the abdomen
     Cases: Inflammatory bowel disease
     Cases: Groin lumps
     Cases: Abdominal scars
     Cases: Examining the rectum
     Cases: Examining the stoma
     Cases: Dialysis, AV fistulas and Tenckhoff catheters
     Cases: Renal transplant
     Cases: APKD
     Cases: Stomas
     Cases: Splenomegaly
     Cases: Chronic liver disease
     Cases: Ascites
     Cases: Inguinal hernias
     Info: Gastrointestinal history
     History: Dyspepsia
     History: Dysphagia
     History: Rectal bleeding
     History: Diarrhoea
     History: Coeliac disease
     History: Acute abdominal pain
     History: Jaundice
     History: Acute GI bleed
     Info: The skin
     Info: Lymph node exam
     Info: Derm exam
     Cases: Neurofibromatosis
     Cases: Psoriasis
     Cases: Eczema
     Cases: Basal cell carcinoma
     Cases: Seborrhoeic keratosis
     Cases: Vililigo
     Cases: Xanthomata
     Cases: Clubbing
     History: Acne
     History: Eczema
     History: Psoriasis
     History: Mole
     Info: Neurological history
     Info: Neurological examination of the upper limb
     Info: Neurological examination of the lower limb
     Info: Examining the cranial nerves
     Info: Neurological hand exam
     Info: Examination of speech
     Cases: Parkinsons disease
     Cases: Cerebellar disease
     Cases: Multiple sclerosis
     Cases: Dermatomes
     Cases: Peripheral neuropathy
     Cases: Myotonic dystrophy
     Cases: MND
     Cases: Median nerve palsy
     Cases: Radial nerve palsy
     Cases: Ulnar nerve palsy
     Cases: CMTD
     Cases: CN3 palsy
     Cases: Horners syndrome
     Cases: Ptosis
     Cases: Large pupils
     Cases: Small pupils
     Cases: CN7 palsy
     History: headache
     History: TIA/stroke
     History: Head injury
     History: Falls
     History: Dementia
     History: MS
     History: Blackouts
     History: Epileptic seizure
     Info: Introduction to orthopaedic examinations
     Info: GALS musculoskeletal screening examination
     Info: Shoulder exam
     Info: Elbow exam
     Info: Spine exam
     Info: Hip examination
     Info: Examination of the knee
     Info: Foot and ankle exam
     Cases: Dupuytrens contracture
     Cases: Carpal tunnel syndrome
     Cases:Rheumatoid arthritis
     Cases:Ankylosing spondylitis
     Cases:Systemic sclerosis
     Cases:Pagets disease
     Cases: Marfan syndrome
     Trigger finger
     History: Carpal tunnel
     History: Low back pain
     History: Osteoarthritis
     History: Tennis elbow
     History: Osteoporosis
     History: # NOF
     Info: Examining the neck and thyroid
     Info: Assessment of hearing and deafness
     Info: Vision and eye exam
     History: Tinnitus
     History: Snoring
     History: Red eye
     History: Vision Loss
     History: Heaing Loss
     Info: Peripheral vascular disease: examining the pulses
     Cases: Varicose veins
     Cases: Ulcers
     History: Intermittent claudication
     History: Varicose veins
     Info: Urological history
     Info: Examining the male genitalia
     History: PSA
     History: Erectile dysfunction
     History: LUTS
     History: Haematuria
     Info: Paediatric history
     Info: Newborn check examination
     Info: Tips for examining children
     Info: General child assessment
     Info: Respiratory/Cardiac/Abdo exam adaptions
     Info: Child developmental assessment
     History: Febrile convulsions
     History: NAI
     History: Non-blanching Rash
     History: CF
     History: Failure to thrive / Obesity
     History: Short stature
     History: Bronchiolitis
     OSCE skills
     Skill: Handwashing
     Skill: Scrubbing for theatre
     Skill: Blood cultures
     Skill: Bloood transfusion
     Skill: Nebuliser
     Skill: IM/SC/TD injections
     Skill: ophthalmoscope/fundoscopy
     Skill: taking an arterial blood gas
     Skill: measuring and recording blood pressure
     Skill: ABPI
     Skill: recording an ECG
     Skill: Interpreting electrocardiograms (ECGs)
     Skill: PEFR
     Skill: Blood glucose monitoring
     Skill: Male/Female catheterisation
     Skill: Phelbotomy
     Skill: Cannulation
     Skill: Suturing
     Skill: Urinalysis
     Skill: NGT insertion
     Skill: Chest X Ray
     Skill: Abdominal X Ray
     Skill: Orthopaedic X Ray
     Skill: Death Certification/Declaration
     Skill: Intermediate Life Support
     Skill: Assessing and managing the trauma patient
     Skill: Otoscopy
     Info: MMSE
     Info: Psychiatric history
     Info: Alcohol history +/- substance abuse
     Info: Attempted suicide history
     Info: Collateral dementia/delirium history
     History: Depression
     History: Anxiety
     History: Eating disorder
     History: Psychosis
     Info: Personality Disorder
     Info: Schizophrenia
     Info: Bipolar disorder/Mania
     Info: Learning disability
     Info: Obstetric/Pregnant abdomen exam
     Info: Bimanual exam
     Info: Examining the breast
     Info: Lumps and bumps
     Info: Gynaecological history
     Info: Obstetric history
     Info: Sexual history
     Info: Subfertility history
     History: PCOS
     History: Pregnancy
     History: HIV risk asssessment
     Info: Speculum exam
     History: Hyperemesis
     History: Gestational diabetes
     Info: How to counsel/explain to patients
     Info: Common drugs requiring explanation
     Info: Explaining scope procedures
     Info: Discussion about surgery
     Info: Inhaler technique
     Info: Contraception counselling
     Info: Emergency contraception
     Info: Genetic counselling and antenatal screening
     Info: Birthing options
     Info: Hormone replacement therapy
     Info: MMR Vaccination
     Info: Confidentiality stations
     Info: Assessing capacity
     Info: consenting and Gillick competence
     Info: Advanced directives and lasting power of attorney
     Info: DVLA reporting
     Info: Safeguarding
     Info: Domestic violence station
     Info: Breaking bad news
     Info: Dealing with strong emotions
     Info: Psychosocial concerns station
     Info: End of life and treatment escalation
     Info: Angry relative
     Info: Anxious relative
     Info: Handover
     Info: Making a referral/SBAR
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