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Manual of Embryo Culture in Human Assisted Reproduction

Manual of Embryo Culture in Human Assisted Reproduction

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Whilst assisted reproduction techniques (ART) have become increasingly successful and largely standardized, there is still only a partial understanding of what constitutes a true embryo environment. Replicating the varying physiological conditions of the in-vivo environment that the embryo travels through in the in-vitro culture is still a major challenge in ART. This practical volume details how to organize and operate an IVF laboratory in order to mimic these conditions for successful embryo culture. Environments and equipment that are essential for running safe and efficient facilities such as maintaining good air quality and hygiene protocols, and utilizing an effective layout are covered in detail. Other chapters discuss the different consumables needed, optimal handling techniques and parameter monitoring systems, as well as recent advances in the area including artificial intelligence and automation. This is an indispensable guide to understanding the background science of culturing embryos, crucial to successful outcomes in ART.
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  • Introduction to Embryo Culture Kersti Lundin and Aisling Ahlstrom; 1. Facilities for Embryo Culture Julius Hreinsson; 2. Incubators for Embryo Culture Borut Kovacic; 3. Consumables for the IVF laboratory - Production and Validation, Quality Control and Bioassays Hubert Joris; 4. Embryo Metabolism and what does the Embryo Need? - Embryo Stress Paula Vergaro and Roger G. Sturmey; 5. Culture Media and Embryo Culture Arne Sunde and Roger G. Sturmey; 6. Optimal Handling Techniques for Embryo Culture Michael Reed and Thomas Pool; 7. From Identification to Witnessing - Traceability to Ensure the Safety of the Embryo During Culture Kelly Tilleman and Annelies Tolpe; 8. Timing of Embryo Culture Ioannis Sfontouris; 9. Time-lapse Microscopy for Embryo Culture Kirstine Kirkegaard and Thomas Freour; 10. Laboratory Monitoring for Embryo Culture Carlotta Zaca, Andrea Borini, and Giovanni Coticchio; 11. Embryo Culture and IVF Offspring Outcome John C. Dumoulin and Aafke van Montfoort; 12. The Changing Culture of Embryo Culture - Advances in the IVF Culture System Carole Curchoe and Jason E. Swain.
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