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Basic Medical Language with Flash Cards

Basic Medical Language with Flash Cards

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The perfect text for a shorter medical terminology course, Basic Medical Language, 6th Edition provides the foundation you need to confidently communicate with other members of your health care team. This basic medical vocabulary text focuses on building word skills by explaining a carefully selected group of suffixes, prefixes, and combining forms to provide the basis for recognizing and defining hundreds of medical terms. Clear, illustrated lessons present terms by body system, introducing word parts and providing review exercises that ask you to define terms or combine word parts to create terms. The new edition of this text also reinforces what youve learned with case studies, images, exercises and carefully crafted Evolve resources.

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  • 1. Introduction to Medical Language, Body Structure, and Oncology

    2. Directional Terms, Planes, Regions, Positions, and Quadrants

    3. Integumentary System, Colors, and Plural Endings

    4. Respiratory System

    5. Urinary System

    6. Reproductive Systems

    7. Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

    8. Digestive System

    9. Eye and Ear

    10. Musculoskeletal System

    11. Nervous System

    12. Endocrine System


    A: Word Parts Used in Basic Medical Language

    B: Abbreviations, Including Error-prone Abbreviation List

    C: Answers to Exercises

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