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Vital Pulp Treatment

Vital Pulp Treatment

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Vital Pulp Treatment

A comprehensive reference work covering all aspects of vital pulp treatments in clinical practice

Vital Pulp Treatment offers a comprehensive overview of existing and developing vital pulp therapies, the science that underpins them as well as their clinical applications. Preserving dental pulp tissue is critical to oral health and vital pulp treatments are designed to maintain, repair, and regenerate this tissue. With a focus on clinical practice, this book begins with the diagnosis and causes of pulpitis before elaborating on the application of vital pulp treatment after trauma, caries, or dental procedures. Later chapters cover a variety of extent treatment modalities including caries removal, pulpotomy, direct or indirect pulp capping and regenerative endodontic therapies.

Vital Pulp Treatment readers will also find::

  • Clinical photographs to support and highlight key parts of the text
  • Detailed discussion of topics including pulp diagnostics, deep caries, and pulp exposure management, as well as controversial and clinically relevant discussions
  • Dedicated treatment of each therapeutic modality with a summary of the state of the art in each case
  • Outcome measures and follow-up guidelines

Rooted in evidence-based dentistry and robust scientific research, Vital Pulp Treatment is ideal for dentists, endodontists, restorative dentists, and dental students looking for information on this critical component of modern minimally-invasive dentistry.

Product Details

Data sheet

Publication date
Issue number
hard cover
Pages count
Dimensions (mm)
183 x 260
  • List of Contributors

    Foreword xii

    Preface xiv

    1 The Importance of Maintaining Pulp Vitality 1
    Bruno Cavalcanti and Daniel Chiego, Jr.

    2 Biological Basis for Vital Pulp Treatment 20
    Fionnuala T. Lundy, Lara T. Friedlander, and Paul R. Cooper

    3 Pulpal Diagnosis 47
    Johnah C. Galicia and Asma A. Khan

    4 Vital Pulp Treatment Modalities: The Management of Deep Caries Using Selective and Non-Selective Removal of Carious Tissue, Stepwise Excavation and Indirect Pulp Capping 59
    Helena Fransson and Lars Bjorndal

    5 Vital Pulp Treatment Modalities: Direct Pulp Capping 84
    Till Dammaschke

    6 Vital Pulp Treatment Modalities: Pulpotomy – Partial and Complete 108
    Roberto Careddu, Mark Lappin, Henry F. Duncan, and Ikhlas A. El-Karim

    7 Vital Pulp Treatment – Material Selection 133
    Renan Dal-Fabbro, Isaac J. de Souza Araújo, and Marco C. Bottino

    8 Vital Pulp Treatment for Traumatic Dental Injuries 154
    Bill Kahler and Giampiero Rossi-Fedele

    9 Regenerative Endodontics 185
    Matthias Widbiller and Kerstin M. Galler

    10 Outcome of Vital Pulp Treatment and Regenerative Endodontics 201
    Siobhan Cushley, Emi Shimizu, Yoshifumi Kobayashi, and Venkateshbabu Nagendrababu

    Index 218

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