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Donald School Atlas of Fetal Anomalies

Donald School Atlas of Fetal Anomalies

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    1. Ultrasound and Fetal Anomalies
    2. Three-dimensional Sonography in the Evaluation of Normal and Abnormal Fetal Face
    3. Fetal Echocardiography
    4. Prenatal Diagnostics of Fetal Abnormalities by Ultrasound and Color Doppler
    5. The Advantages of Threedimensional Sonography in the Diagnosis and Assessment of
      Fetal Abnormalities
    6. Prenatal Ultrasound Diagnosis in Turner Syndrome and Triploidy
    7. Bioethical Standards of Ultrasonographic and Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis:: Practical Aspects
    8. 3D and 4D Ultrasound for Congenital Fetal Anomalies
    9. Fetal Face Malformations in Ultrasound
    10. Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Normal Fetal Heart and Congenital Heart Disease
    11. Microvasculature of Normal and Abnormal Placentas
    12. Skeletal Dysplasias
    13. Placenta
    14. Congenital Cardiac Tumors
    15. Congenital Lung Anomalies
    16. Prenatal Diagnosis of Conjoined Fetuses
    17. Fetal Brain Structure and Central Nervous System Anomalies
    18. Embryonal/Fetal Anomalies in the First Half of Pregnancy
    19. Gastrointestinal Tract and Internal Abdominal Wall
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