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Cardiopulmonary transplantation and mechanical circulatory support

Cardiopulmonary transplantation and mechanical circulatory support

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Cardiopulmonary Transplantation and Mechanical Circulatory Support provides a comprehensive review of the field. Written for all tiers of healthcare professionals managing such complex patients.

The handbook tackles all topics within this field, including heart failure, heart transplantation, lung transplantation, and all tiers of mechanical circulatory support in adults and paediatric patients.

The chapters are written by prominent and globally respected experts in Europe and North America, providing their evidence base as well as personal, practical hints and tips for all practitioners.

  • Quick reference guide
  • Tackles both theory and practical aspects
  • Targets all areas of this complex field
  • Applicable to a wide audience including nurses, residents, fellows, and attendings/consultants
Product Details
OUP Oxford

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100 x 180
  • Section 1:: Heart Failure
    1::Medical and minimally invasive aspects of heart failure management, Marc D. Samsky and Joseph G. Rogers
    2::Myocarditis:: diagnosis and treatment, Stuart D. Russell
    3::Cardiac amyloidosis and other restrictive myopathies:: diagnosis and treatment, Rahul Loungani and Chetan Patel
    Section 2:: Mechanical circulatory support
    4::Indications for ventricular assist devices, Antonios Kourliouros
    5::Surgical techniques for left ventricular assist device implantation and associated procedures, Igor Gosev and Scott Silvestry
    6::Clinical trials with durable left ventricular assist devices, Yuting P. Chiang and Mani A. Daneshmand
    7::Diagnosis and management of ventricular assist device complications, Maziar Khorsandi, Philip Curry, Sukumaran Nair, and Nawwar Al- Attar
    8::Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, Jeffrey Javidfar, Maziar Khorsandi, and Mani A. Daneshmand
    9::Percutaneous mechanical circulatory support, Dominick Megna Jr, Maziar Khorsandi, and Danny Ramzy
    10::The total artificial heart, Dominick Megna Jr and Francisco Arabia
    11::Post- cardiac surgery cardiogenic shock, Maziar Khorsandi, Philip Curry, Nawwar Al- Attar, and Sukumaran Nair
    Section 3:: Heart transplantation
    12::Patient selection criteria and bridging support for cardiac transplantation, Julie Doberne, Benjamin Bryner, and Chetan Patel
    13::Cardiac donor selection and management, Ahmed S. Al- Adhami, Hari Doshi, Nawwar Al- Attar, and Philip Curry
    14::Extended criteria heart donors and perfusion storage, Yaron Barac, Anthony Castleberry, Jacob Schroder, and Sebastian V. Rojas
    15::Donor heart procurement:: donation after brain death and donation after circulatory determined death, Simon Messer, Stephen Large, Marius Berman, and Steven Tsui
    16::Technical aspects of heart transplantation, Yaron Barac, Christopher White, and Jacob Schroder
    17::Critical care management and primary graft dysfunction following cardiac transplantation, Sanjeet A. Singh, Jonathan R. Dalzell, Sukumaran Nair, and Andrew Sinclair
    18::Assessment and management of chronic complications following heart transplantation, Anna K. Barton, Alison I. Smyth, Alan J. Kirk, and Jonathan R. Dalzell
    19::Bedside care and rehabilitation with mechanical circulatory support and thoracic transplantation, Desiree Bonadonna, Lynn McGugan, and Evelyn Watson
    20::Management of rejection following cardiac transplantation, Sounok Sen and Adam D. DeVore
    21::Antimicrobial prophylaxis and treatment of infection after cardiac transplantation, Sana Arif, Sylvia Costa, and Barbara D. Alexander
    Section 4:: Heart failure in paediatric patients
    22.1::Heart transplant for paediatric patients, Mohamed Nassa and Asif Hasan
    22.2::Paediatric extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, Louise Kenny, Ed Peng, and Asif Hasan
    22.3::Paediatric Heart transplant:: specific considerations, Ed Peng and Asif Hasan
    Section 5:: Special considerations in heart transplantation
    23::Adult patients with congenital heart disease, Louise Kenny and Asif Hasan
    Section 6:: Lung transplantation
    24::Patient selection criteria and bridging support for lung transplantation, Basil Nasir and John M. Reynolds
    25::Lung donor selection and management, Stephen C. Clark
    26::Lung procurement following donation after brain death and donation after circulatory death, Julie Doberne, Jacob Klapper, and Matthew Hartwig
    27::Ex vivo lung perfusion, Anders Andreasson, Karen Booth, John Dark, and Abbas Ardehali
    28::Technical aspects of lung transplantation, Basil Nasir, Pedro Catarino, and John Haney
    29::Critical care management and primary graft dysfunction following lung transplantation, Michael Mulvihill, Nathan Waldron, and Matthew Hartwig
    30::Management of rejection following lung transplantation, Lorenzo Zaffiri and Arun Nair
    31::Late complications following lung transplantation, Yejide Odedina, Jagan Murugachandran, and Jasvir Parmar
    32::Antimicrobial prophylaxis and treatment after lung transplantation, Karen Booth and Julie R. Samuel
    Section 7:: Combined transplantation
    33::Combined heart-lung transplantation, Jason Ali, Jasvir Parmar, and Steven Tsui
    34::Combined thoracoabdominal organ transplantation, Yaron Barac, Jigesh A. Shah, Jacob Schroder, and Andrew S. Barbas
    Section 8:: Anaesthetic considerations
    35::Anaesthetic issues related to extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and ventricular assist device procedures, Michael W. Manning and Kamrouz Ghadimi
    36::Anaesthetic issues related to heart transplantation, Philip McCall, Alina Nicoara, and Andrew Sinclair
    37::Anaesthetic issues related to lung transplantation, Brandi Bottiger, Nazish Hashmi, and Mihai Podgoreanu

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