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Regression for Health and Social Science: Applied Linear Models with R

Regression for Health and Social Science: Applied Linear Models with R

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This textbook for students in the health and social sciences covers the basics of linear model methods with a minimum of mathematics, assuming only a pre-calculus background. Numerous examples drawn from the news and current events with an emphasis on health issues, illustrate the concepts in an immediately accessible way. Methods covered include linear regression models, Poisson regression, logistic regression, proportional hazards regression, survival analysis, and nonparametric regression. The author emphasizes interpretation of computer output in terms of the motivating example. All of the R code is provided and carefully explained, allowing readers to quickly apply the methods to their own data. Plenty of exercises help students think about the issues involved in the analysis and its interpretation. Code and datasets are available for download from the books website at www.cambridge.org/zelterman
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  • Preface; Preface to revised edition; Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction; 2. Principles of statistics; 3. Introduction to linear regression; 4. Assessing the regression; 5. Multiple linear regression; 6. Indicators, interactions, and transformations; 7. Nonparametric statistics; 8. Logistic regression; 9. Diagnostics for logistic regression; 10. Poisson regression; 11. Survival analysis; 12. Proportional hazards regression; 13. Review of methods; Appendix:: statistical distributions; Selected solutions and hints; References; Index.
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