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Culture of Health in Practice

Culture of Health in Practice

Innovations in Research, Community Engagement, and Action

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Weaving together research findings and narratives, Culture of Health in Practice:: Innovations in Research, Community Engagement, and Action explores the many opportunities we have as a society to advance a Culture of Health and makes the case that a commitment to health equity is fundamental to bringing those efforts into the mainstream. In this latest contribution to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundations Culture of Health Series, contributors describe thechallenges and opportunities in rural and urban regions, in neighborhoods and schools, in prisons and workplaces. They explore different populations, including immigrants, minority youth, and individuals with substance use disorders; the risks posed by climate change; the role of the media in shaping the public discourse; andthe innovations being spearheaded by health providers, insurers, and community leaders. Together, the chapters carry the message that while the challenges are daunting, achieving health equity for all lies within reach.
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  • Introduction; SECTION I. Mainstreaming a Culture of Health ; 1 - Incorporating Culture Within a Culture of Health; 2 - How Media Shapes the Public Discourse and Influences Health; Chapter 2 Spotlight:: Media Marketing to Minority Youth ; SECTION II. At Home, at School, at Work ; 3 - Pathways to Change in Rural America; 4 - Linking Education and Health to Support the Whole Child; 5 - Employers as Shapers of Health; SECTION III. Challenging Inequity Through Systems Innovation ; 6 - Disrupting the Cycle of Incarceration; Chapter 6 Spotlight:: Fathers Mentoring Fathers; 7 - The Opioid Epidemic:: Busting Myths and Sharing Solutions; Chapter 7 Spotlight:: Rural Addiction:: A Perfect Storm, a Nod to Grandma, Pills for Cash; ; 8 - Achieving Health Equity for Immigrants and Their Children; 9 - Climate Change, Environmental Stressors, and Resilience; Chapter 9 Spotlight:: A Just Recovery for Puerto Rico ; 10 - The Green Health Care Revolution; 11 - Driving Innovation Through Medicaid; Chapter 11 Spotlight:: A Private Insurer Tackles Social Determinants ; Conclusion 181; Index;
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