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Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine

Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine

A Problem-Based Learning Approach

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Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine:: A Problem-Based Learning Approach provides a comprehensive review of regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine for medical learners to integrate theoretical knowledge into clinical practice. Its problem-based format incorporates a pool of multiple-choice questions for self-assessment. Each of its 50 case-based chapters is accompanied by questions and answers accessible online in a full practice exam. These chapters cover several areas such as pharmacology, obstetric and pediatric regional anesthesia, complex acute pain problems, anticoagulation, and regional anesthesia and complicated nerve blocks. The cases presented are also unique, as each chapter starts with a case description, usually a compilation of several actual cases, which branches out through case-based questions to increasingly complex situations. This structure is designed to create an authentic experience mirroring the nuances of a complicated clinical scenario. The discussion sections that follow offer a comprehensive approach to the chapters subject matter, thus creating a modern, complete, and up-to-date medical review of the topic.

  • Provides an up-to-date and comprehensive review of regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine
  • Features evidence-based discussion and self-assessment questions with each chapter
  • Uses a problem-based learning approach ideal for individual or group study
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hard cover
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216 x 279
  • Contributors
    Chapter 1. Topographic Anatomy and Physiologic Considerations
    N. Robert Harvey and Sylvia H. Wilson
    Chapter 2. Perioperative Considerations for Success of Regional Anesthesia
    Richa Wardhan and Janet Jira
    Chapter 3. Regional Anesthesia Equipment
    Thomas Halaszynski
    Chapter 4. Setting Up a Modern Acute Pain Service (APS)
    Jeffrey J. Mojica, Sean Washek, and Eric S. Schwenk
    Chapter 5. Multimodal Analgesia
    Archana ONeill and Philipp Lirk
    Chapter 6. Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity
    Osemeke Edobor, Veena Graff, and Taras Grosh
    Chapter 7. Prolonging Nerve Blocks
    Brenton Alexander and Rodney Gabriel
    Chapter 8. Awake Intubation and Airway Blocks
    Choopong Luansritisakul, Kamen Vlassakov, and Nantthasorn Zinboonyahgoon
    Chapter: 9. Scalp Blocks: An Overview of Indications, Anatomy, and Technique
    Arthur Formanek
    Chapter 10. Cervical Plexus Block for Carotid Endarterectomy
    Shimon Gabriel Farkas and Kamen Vlassakov
    Chapter 11. Eye Blocks
    Gustavo A. Lozada and Alvaro Andres Macias
    Chapter 12. Regional Techniques for Cardiothoracic and Cardiac-Related Procedures
    Ali N. Shariat and Himani V. Bhatt
    Chapter 13. Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy and Thoracotomy
    Davies G. Agyekum and Taras Grosh
    Chapter 14. The Trauma Patient with Left-Sided Fractured Ribs
    Dennis J. Warfield Jr. and Sanjib Das Adhikary
    Chapter 15. Breast Surgery
    Franklin Chiao, Simon Chin, and Eman Nada
    Chapter 16. Emergency Exploratory Laparotomy
    Francis V. Salinas
    Chapter 17. Postoperative Pain Management for Living Liver Donor
    Victor Polshin and Engy T. Said
    Chapter 18: Postoperative Pain Management of Open Nephrectomy
    Stanislav Sidash and Yatish Ranganath
    Chapter: 19: Regional Anesthesia for Abdominoplasty
    Sanchit Ahuja and Sree Kolli
    Chapter 20. Inguinal Hernia Repair
    Derek Blankenship, Mitchell Cahan, and Gustavo Angaramo
    Chapter 21. Anesthesia for Anorectal Surgery
    Luiz Eduardo Imbelloni, José Eduardo Nascimento Aguilar, Iris Chu, Engy T. Said, and Eman Nada
    Chapter 22. Shoulder Arthroscopy
    Alberto E. Ardon, Steven B. Porter, and Robert L. McClain
    Chapter 23. Shoulder Arthroplasty Analgesic Strategies
    Olga Kiki Nin and Taras Grosh
    Chapter 24. Arteriovenous Fistula Creation for Hemodialysis
    Peter Dienhart and Michael Kushelev
    Chapter 25. Hand Injury and Digit Reimplantation
    Jennifer Matos and Sylvia H. Wilson
    Chapter 26. Hip Fracture and Regional Anesthesia
    Jason B. Ochroch and Mark D. Neuman
    Chapter 27. Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management for Total Hip Arthroplasty
    Bradley H. Lee, Marko Mamic, and Jiabin Liu
    Chapter 28. Analgesia for Knee Arthroscopy and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
    Michael Feduska and Colin Feduska
    Chapter 29. Enhanced Recovery After Total Knee Replacement
    Jamie-Lee Metesky and Meg A. Rosenblatt
    Chapter 30. Regional Anesthesia for Ischemic Pain: Below Knee Amputation Followed by Above Knee Amputation
    Shanthi Reddy, Cameron Sumner, and James Kim
    Chapter 31. Regional Anesthesia for Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of an Ankle Fracture
    Maryam Nilforoshan, Stephanie Huang, and Nabil Elkassabany
    Chapter 32. Regional Anesthesia for Bunionectomy
    Daniel Abraham
    Chapter 33. Epidural for Labor in a Morbidly Obese Patient and Neuraxial Ultrasound
    Manuel C. Vallejo
    Chapter 34. Inadequate Labor Epidural Analgesia
    Mohamed Ibrahim and Rakesh Vadhera
    Chapter 35. Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia for Cesarean Delivery
    Caroline Martinello, Matthew Williams, and Jill M. Mhyre
    Chapter 36. Post-Dural Puncture Headache
    Lauren Sayre and Robert Gaiser
    Chapter 37. Regional Anesthesia Techniques for Circumcision and Congenital Inguinal Hernia Repair
    Leah Margalit Winters Webb and Melissa Brooks Peterson
    Chapter 38. Epidural and Neuraxial Techniques in Newborns and Children
    Balazs Horvath and Benjamin Kloesel
    Chapter 39. Regional Anesthesia for Major Abdominal Surgery in Pediatric Patients
    Alina Lazar
    Chapter 40. Orthopedic Trauma in a Patient With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    Reda Tolba and Mohamed Fayed
    Chapter 41. Surgery in the Presence of Active Addiction or Addiction Assisted Drug Treatment
    Neil Batta, Nabil Elkassabany, and Ignacio Badiola
    Chapter 42. The Painful Vaso-Occlusive Sickle Cell Episode
    Amberly Orr, Dalia Elmofty, and Lynn Kohan
    Chapter 43. Epidural Placement and Anticoagulation
    Maryam Nilforoshan, Veena Graff, and Taras Grosh
    Chapter 44. Acute Coronary Syndrome in a Patient With a Thoracic Epidural Catheter
    Yan Lai and Samiat Jinadu
    Chapter 45. Elective Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm With Epidural Analgesia
    Michael Akerman, Ariel Anderson, and Ryan Norman
    Chapter 46. Lower Extremity Weakness in a Patient With Epidural Analgesia
    Erik Helander and Yury Zasimovich
    Chapter 47. Big Toe Amputation With Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
    Eman Nada and Sandra L. Kopp
    Chapter 48. Cauda Equina Syndrome After Spinal Anesthesia
    Lauren Steffel and Joseph M. Neal
    Chapter 49. Nerve Blocks in a Patient With Multiple Sclerosis
    Lisa L. Klesius and Shelly B. Borden
    Chapter 50. Nerve Injury After Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Blocks for Regional Anesthesia and Medicolegal Implications
    H. David Hardman

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