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Cambridge Handbook of Anesthesiology

Cambridge Handbook of Anesthesiology

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The recent advances in the clinical practice of anesthesiology have increased the need for a new state-of-the art anesthesia handbook for practicing anesthesiologists, trainees and students. This practical book provides a modern, clinically focused guide for any clinical question related to anesthesia care, presenting comprehensive, yet succinct knowledge from experts in the field. It describes the best practice in a concise yet easily digestible format and features numerous tables and figures, a bulleted points/outline format, and algorithms allowing for rapid assimilation of key information. New techniques and common procedures are also covered in detail. This up-to-date pocketbook is perfect for quick reference in the operating room, providing rapid access to evidence-based clinical content covering the full breadth of the field, including pediatric, obstetric, cardiac and regional anesthesia sections. In addition to daily clinical practice, the book serves also as a convenient companion for board review and recertification exam preparation.
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  • 1. Preoperative evaluation and coexisting disease; 2. Airway management; 3. Anesthesia equipment: Clinical considerations; 4. Patient monitoring; 5. Inhalational Anesthetics; 6. Intravenous anesthetics and adjunctive agents; 7. Pharmacology of local Anesthetics; 8. Anesthesia techniques: Mild, moderate, and deep sedation in clinical practice; 9. Anesthesia techniques: General Anesthesia techniques in clinical practice; 10. Postanesthesia care unit; 11a. Regional Anesthesia: Blocks of the upper and lower extremities; 11b. Regional Anesthesia: Chest and abdominal plane blocks; 12. Fluid and electrolyte balance; 13. Blood transfusion components and complications in Anesthesiology; 14. Cardiac Anesthesiology; 15. Vascular Anesthesia; 16. Thoracic Anesthesia; 17. Neuroanesthesia; 18. Renal anesthesiology in clinical practice; 19. Anesthesia for general surgical procedures; 20. Anesthesia for endocrine diseases; 21. Anesthesia for neuromuscular and collagen vascular diseases; 22. Anesthesia for ocular, ear, and throat diseases; 23. Orthopedic Anesthesia; 24. Obstetric and gynecologic Anesthesia; 25. Pediatric Anesthesia; 26. Geriatric Anesthesia; 27. Anesthesia for ambulatory surgical procedures; 28. Chronic pain medicine; 29. Acute pain management; 30. Anesthetic emergencies; 31. Trauma Anesthesia; 32. Perioperative cognitive disorders; 33. Acute pain management in the ICU; 34. Infection control for the Anesthesia provider; 35. Coagulation.
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