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Imaging of the Temporal Bone

Imaging of the Temporal Bone

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Authoritative and lavishly illustrated, this best-selling reference returns in a fourth edition with comprehensive coverage of the current imaging strategies for the evaluation of disease processes affecting the temporal bone and its intricate anatomy. New in this edition is a highly practical how-to chapter that presents imaging modalities and technical parameters for CT and MRI as well as an overview of the role of plain film radiography, ultrasound, PET, and PET/CT. The chapter then addresses major clinical indications, providing step-by-step descriptions of how to protocol each case, how to interpret the studies, and how to report findings. The remaining chapters thoroughly cover specific anatomic areas of the temporal bone separately. Each chapter places special emphasis on gaining a solid foundation of the normal anatomy and anatomic variations. It then discusses imaging protocols and image evaluation for specific clinical problems.


  • Practical discussion of standard techniques, protocols, and special considerations for imaging using CT and MRI
  • In-depth coverage of both common and rare conditions
  • Clinical insights from international authorities in the field
  • More than 1,500 high-quality illustrations and images, including CT, MRI, and vascular images using CTA, MRA, and conventional catheter angiography

This book is an essential reference for a multidisciplinary approach to assessing diseases affecting the temporal bone. It is an ideal resource for all radiologists, neuroradiologists, head and neck radiologists, and residents in these specialties. It is also valuable for otolaryngologists, otologists, and head and neck surgeons.

Szczegóły produktu
Georg Thieme


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215.90 x 279.40
Waga (g)
  • Chapter 1: Temporal Bone Imaging Technique
    Chapter 2: The External Auditory Canal and Pinna
    Chapter 3: The Middle Ear and Mastoid
    Chapter 4: Temporal Bone Vascular Anatomy, Anomalies, and Diseases, with an Emphasis on Pulsatile Tinnitus
    Chapter 5: The Inner Ear and Otodystrophies
    Chapter 6: Temporal Bone Trauma
    Chapter 7: Anatomy and Development of the Facial Nerve
    Chapter 8: The Vestibulocochlear Nerve, with an Emphasis on the Normal and Diseased Internal Auditory Canal and Cerebellopontine Angle

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