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Psychiatric Intensive Care

Psychiatric Intensive Care

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Fully expanded and updated, this third edition remains an essential reference text for all healthcare professionals and managers involved in the care of the mentally ill patient, particularly in the intensive care environment. It provides practical and evidence-based advice on the management of a diverse range of disturbed and severely ill psychiatric patients in secure hospital settings. Content is focused upon some of the most challenging areas of in-patient and acute mental health practice including the PICU, the acute in-patient, and the forensic and acute mental health crisis occurring in the community. Brand-new chapters explore topics such as challenging and sexually problematic behaviour within an in-patient and other settings, and international perspectives on PICU wards. This edition also covers technological developments for improving mental health care for patients, safety for those working and living within mental health units and importantly incorporates the UK MHA Code of Practice 2015.
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  • 1. Psychiatric intensive care - development and definition Stephen M. Pereira and Stephen Dye; 2. Psychiatric intensive care in mental health secure units Harvey Gordon; 3. National standards and good practice Stephen Dye; 4. Commissioning and developing a PICU Thomas Kearney and Mathew Page; 5. PICU design, environment and security Roland Dix and Mathew Page; 6. Team resilience Thomas Kearney and Stephen Dye; 7. Principles and practice for management of acutely disturbed patients Stephen M. Pereira and Lucy M. Walker; 8. Absconding Roland Dix; 9. Substance misuse Lucy M. Walker and Stephen M. Pereira; 10. Fire setting and arson Elliott Carthy, Brad Hilller and Faisil Sethi; 11. Sexually problematic behaviour in mental health in-patient units Roland Dix; 12. Self-harm and personality disorders in PICU Reena Panchal and James Baker; 13. Activity and Positive Engagement within A PICU Wendy Sherwood, Rebecca Davies and Robert Rathouse; 14. De-escalation Roland Dix and Mathew Page; 15. Psychological approaches to the acute patient in PICUs Marc Jonathon Kingsley; 16. A social behaviour theory approach to challenging behaviours in psychosis Brian McKensie; 17. Pharmacological therapy Chike I. Okocha and Jules Haste; 18. Rapid tranquillisation Ross Runciman, Steve Ireland and Brenda Wasunna-Smith; 19. The use of seclusion in mental health care Roland Dix and Mathew Page; 20. The practice of restraint and physical intervention Roland Dix; 21. Management of the mental health emergency in the community Mathew Page and Matthew Truscott; 22. PICU for the care of young people Mathew Page; 23. Female only PICUs Joana Ferreira Marques de Paiva and Shanika Balachandra; 24. The complex needs patient Sanjith Kamath and Vishelle Kamath; 25. Psychiatric intensive care in a general hospital setting Jim Welch, Karen Williams and Emma Phillips; 26. An overview of international perspectives on psychiatric intensive care units Angus Mclellan and Andrew Molodynski.
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