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Obstetric Anesthesia and Uncommon Disorders

Obstetric Anesthesia and Uncommon Disorders

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A thoroughly revised third edition of the acclaimed textbook for caregivers involved in the management of pregnant women with uncommon diseases or an unusual or rare condition. The book offers valuable case reports and experience collated by an international team of editors and contributors who are leading experts in the field. This edition contains five additional chapters covering topics like cardiac and neuraxial point of care ultrasound, substance abuse, rare inherited conditions, and anesthesia for rare fetal and placental conditions. Clear, concise management guidelines and algorithms are provided, and each chapter is written from the viewpoint of the obstetric anesthesiologist. Numerous tables, figures and photographs provide visual aids and each chapter contains valuable clinical insights highlighting the essential facts. Featuring updated figures and references, links to useful websites for further reading and a list of commonly used abbreviations. A valuable resource for obstetric anesthetists, perinatologists and other obstetric care providers.
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  • 1. Obstetric anesthesia for the parturient with complex medical diseases Jack Peace and Feyce Peralta; 2. Point-of-care ultrasound for obstetrics: basics and introductory chapter Elvera L. Baron and Daniel Katz; 3. Focused cardiac ultrasound for cardiac disorders Clemens M. Ortner and M. Waseem Athar; 4. Challenging cardiac disorders in pregnancy Hanna Hussey, Patrick Hussey and Marie-Louise Meng; 5. Uncommon cardiac dysrhythmias in pregnancy Ravishankar Agaram and Marie Davidson; 6. Arterial vascular diseases Ethan Jackson, Anitra Romfh, Yon Sung and Natalie Bodmer; 7. Uncommon respiratory disorders in pregnancy Alexandra Nicholas; 8. Airway issues Roanne Preston and Clare Burlinson; 9. Use of neuraxial ultrasound for axial skeletal conditions Alexandria Papadelis and Carlo Pancaro; 10. Myopathies and the parturient Britany L. Raymond and Jeanette R. Bauchat; 11. Parturients of short stature Robert French-OCarroll, Katherine M. Seligman and Andrea J. Traynor; 12.Disorders of the vertebral column Robert Jee and Edward T. Crosby; 13. Miscellaneous skeletal and connective tissue disorders Caroline Grange and Sally Shiels; 14. Disorders of the central nervous system disease in pregnancy Rakesh Vadhera and Lakshmi Ram; 15. Spinal cord disorders Roanne Preston and Jonathan Collins; 16. Peripheral neuropathies Cynthia Wong; 17. Disorders of intermediaries of metabolism and malignant hyperthermia David B. Maclean and Stephen H. Halpern; 18. Hepatic conditions Arash Motamed, Thang Tran and Mohamed Eloustaz; 19. Renal diseases in pregnancy Kate Petty; 20. Rare endocrine disorders Jill M. Mhyre, Jessica Merrill and Waseem Athar; 21. Disorders of blood, coagulation, and bone marrow M. Joanne Douglas and James Brown; 22. Infectious diseases in pregnancy C. Tyler Smith, Christina Megli and Catherine Chappell; 23. Dermatologic conditions in pregnancy Dave Berman; 24. Psychiatric disorders Allana Munro and Ron George; 25. Substance abuse Grace Lim; 26. Autoimmune disease Caroline Grange and Annika Smith; 27. Genetic disorders David J. Combs and Vesela P. Kovacheva; 28. Anesthesia for rare fetal and placental conditions Marla B. Ferschl and Mark D. Rollins.
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