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Anatomy & Physiology Made Incredibly Easy

Anatomy & Physiology Made Incredibly Easy

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No need to feel stressed over anatomy and physiology—grasp all the basic terms and concepts, with the fully updated Anatomy and Physiology Made Incredibly Easy! , 5th Edition. Using humor and friendly guidance, this colorful text gives you the pure-and-simple clarity you need to understand the basic structure and functions of all major body systems, while also guiding you through genetics, nutrition, reproduction, and more.

This handy quick-reference guide is the ideal NCLEX® study aid, textbook support, or quick refresher for nurses and other healthcare practitioners.

Grasp the details of anatomy and physiology, in the Incredibly Easy! ® way . . .
  • NEW and completely updated content in easy-read format to simplify the core concepts of anatomy and physiology
  • Defines anatomic terms such as cell structure, cell reproduction and energy generation, the four basic tissue types and their characteristics, and more
  • End-of-book, pocket-sized study cards for easy review anywhere, anytime
  • Explains the forms and locations of body structures – the directional terms, reference planes, cavities, and regions of every major body system
  • Dozens of full-color drawings and diagrams illustrating all major body systems—integumentary, musculoskeletal, neurosensory, endocrine, cardiovascular, and more, plus::
    • fluids and electrolytes
    • reproduction and lactation
    • genetics
    • nutrition
    • chemical organization
  • Special features include::
    • “Nurse Joy” and “Jake” – expert insights, key concepts, and important care reminders
    • Zoom in – an up-close look at anatomic structuresNow I get it! – complex physiology processes stated in easy-to-handle termsJust the facts – quick content summary at start of each chapterQuick quiz – multiple-choice questions at end of each chapter to help you retain what you learnedSenior moment – explains physiologic changes that occur with aging in each body systemBody shop – illustrates how body systems and structures work togetherMemory jogger – helpful tricks and tips to help you retain vital dataJust for fun – fun puzzles for boosting your understanding of anatomical terms and pathophysiological conceptsPractice Makes Perfect – end-of-book NCLEX ® practice questions, for solid exam preparation
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177.80 x 228.60
  • 1. The human body
    Katrin Moskowitz, DNP, FNP
    2. Genetics
    Katrin Moskowitz, DNP, FNP
    3. Chemical organization
    Katrin Moskowitz, DNP, FNP
    4. Integumentary system
    Katrin Moskowitz, DNP, FNP
    5. Musculoskeletal system
    Katrin Moskowitz, DNP, FNP
    6. Neurosensory system
    Kay L. Luft, MN, CCRN, CNE
    7. Endocrine system
    Kathryn Dinh, MSN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC
    8. Cardiovascular system
    Melanie N. DeGonzague, MSN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC, CNP
    9. Hematologic system
    Deborah Skoruppa, MSN, RN, NP-C, CNE
    10. Immune system
    Tracy Taylor, MSN, RN
    11. Respiratory system
    Melanie N. DeGonzague, MSN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC, CNP
    12. Gastrointestinal system
    Kay L. Luft, MN, CCRN, CNE
    13. Nutrition and metabolism
    Shelba Durston, MSN, RN, CCRN, SAFE
    14. Urinary system
    Stefanie Tyler, DNP, WHNP
    15. Fluids, electrolytes, acids, and bases
    Shelba Durston, MSN, RN, CCRN, SAFE
    16. Reproductive system
    Stefanie Tyler, DNP, WHNP
    17. Reproduction and lactation
    Kathryn Dinh, MSN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC
    Practice Makes Perfect
    Study Cards
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