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Physical Health and Well-Being in Mental Health Nursing

Physical Health and Well-Being in Mental Health Nursing

Clinical Skills for Practice

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A well-researched and practical guide to understanding the physical health needs of people diagnosed with mental illness. The books major strength is distilling the practical steps that nurses can take to improve their practice in this area. It is written in an engaging style, and covers topics central to improving mental health service users physical health and well being.
Dr Patrick Callaghan, Professor of Mental Health Nursing and Chartered Health Psychologist, University of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, UK

This is a well set out book which goes into a good amount of detail about physical health without overwhelming the reader with information. Each chapter takes you through simple, yet thought-provoking, exercises and then follows these up with further answers or guidelines finishing with a small quiz to test what you have learnt ... It provides a basic overview of the subject without losing the reader in the complexities of physical health. Reading the book I felt more confident in the subjects covered and felt I would be able to tackle the assessment and care of the physical health of my patients in a much more proficient way.
Katy Lowe, Student Nurse, University of Greenwich, UK

This groundbreaking book provides mental health nurses with the core knowledge of the physical health issues that they need for their work, and places these in a context that can be easily integrated into clinical practice. Michael Nash considers the risk factors and assessment priorities amongst different mental health client groups and provides clinical insights into how best to work with service users to ensure their health is assessed and improved.

Readers are encouraged to critically examine the notion that poor health in clients is solely related to lifestyle factors and how best they can contribute to better health outcomes for their clients.

The book includes coverage of::

  • Core concepts of physical health/illness in mental illness
  • Impacts of physical illness on people with severe mental illness
  • Current practice issues and barriers to good physical health
Each chapter includes case studies, examples, diagrams and exercises for self-testing and reflection,which will help readers develop their own skills and practice.

Physical Health and Well Being in Mental Health Nursing is a must-have text for students and practitioners working in mental health nursing. It is also useful reading for practice nurses, district nurses, midwives and all allied health practitioners.

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  • An Introduction to Physical Health in Mental Illness

    An Introduction to Key Concepts in Measuring Health and Illness

    Clinical Skills for Physical Assessment in Mental Health Settings

    Principles of Physical Health Assessment in Mental Health Care

    Physical Assessment:: Assessing Cardiovascular Health

    Assessing Respiratory Health in Mental Health

    Assessing Nutrition, Diet and Physical Activity

    Medication Adverse Drug Reactions and Physical Health

    Physical Health Emergencies in Mental Health Settings

    Practical Steps in Improving the Physical Health of People with Severe Mental Illness

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