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A Tattoo on my Brain: A Neurologist's Personal Battle against Alzheimer's Disease

A Tattoo on my Brain: A Neurologist's Personal Battle against Alzheimer's Disease

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Dr Daniel Gibbs is one of 50 million people worldwide with an Alzheimers disease diagnosis. Unlike most patients with Alzheimers, however, Dr Gibbs worked as a neurologist for twenty-five years, caring for patients with the very disease now affecting him. Also unusual is that Dr Gibbs had begun to suspect he had Alzheimers several years before any official diagnosis could be made. Forewarned by genetic testing showing he carried alleles that increased the risk of developing the disease, he noticed symptoms of mild cognitive impairment long before any tests would have alerted him. In this highly personal account, Dr Gibbs documents the effect his diagnosis has had on his life and explains his advocacy for improving early recognition of Alzheimers. Weaving clinical knowledge from decades caring for dementia patients with his personal experience of the disease, this is an optimistic tale of one mans journey with early-stage Alzheimers disease. Soon to be a documentary film on MTV/Paramount +.
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  • Acknowledgements; Introduction; Prologue; 1. Beacon Rock; 2. Forewarned and Forearmed; 3. The Smell of Baking Bread; 4. Sneak Preview; 5. A Stubborn Puzzle; 6. The Locked Box and the Family Tree; 7. The Measure of Memory; 8. Orcas, Nonetheless; 9. My Brain, My Self; 10. The Reveal; 11. Cognitive Reserve: Brain Cells in the Bank; 12. My Experimental Life; 13. When ARIA is More Than an Operatic Solo; 14. My Experiential Life: Living with Early-Stage Alzheimers Disease; 15. Madeleines, Music and African Doves; 16. Its Only Scary if You Look Down; 17. Beyond DNA: Family History Reconsidered; 18. NEWS AT 5: Retired Neurologist Battles Alzheimers; 19. The Forest, the Trees and the Ground Beneath My Feet; 20. Whats in a Name? Alzheimers Reimagined; 21. A Meaningful Outcome; Epilogue: The Writing Life; Epilogue: The Writing Life Act II; Appendix: The MIND Diet Basics; Resources; Index.
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