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CDC Yellow Book 2024

CDC Yellow Book 2024

Health Information for International Travel

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For over half a century, the CDC Yellow Book has been a trusted resource, providing international travelers and clinicians with expert guidance for safe and healthy travel abroad. Along with disease-specific prevention and treatment recommendations, this comprehensive reference text provides readers with the background and context needed to understand and address health threats associated with all types of international travel.FEATURED IN THIS EDITION::· Precautions for international travelers during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, including links to updated information on related CDC and US government websites· Updates on practicing travel medicine in a virtual environment· New standalone vaccine tables for bacterial and viral diseases with links to the relevant Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and US FDA websites· Safe international travel with pets and service animals· Advice for obtaining healthcare abroad including guidance on different types of travel insurance· Guidelines for self-treating common travel conditions including altitude illness, jet lag, motion sickness, and travelers diarrhea· Detailed maps showing the distribution of travel-associated infections and diseases, including dengue and meningococcal meningitis· Country-specific mosquito avoidance, yellow fever vaccine, and malaria prevention recommendations· Food and drink precautions, plus updated water-disinfection techniques· Expanded content on safe international travel for specific groups including:: LGBTQ+ individuals, highly allergic travelers, travelers with substance use issues, and medical tourists· Specialized recommendations for non-leisure travelers, study abroad, work-related travel, and travel to mass gatherings· Health insights for 14 popular destinations and itineraries in Africa and the Middle East, the Americas and the Caribbean, and Asia· Considerations for newly arrived adoptees, immigrants, and refugees
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OUP Oxford


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  • List of Maps, by topic; CDC Contributors; External Contributors; Acknowledgments; Preface; Dedication; 1 Introduction; ; Disease Patterns in Travelers; ...perspectives: Why Guidelines Differ ; Maps & Travel Medicine; Improving the Quality of Travel Medicine through Education & Training; 2 Preparing International Travelers; ; The Pretravel Consultation; ...perspectives: Travelers Perception of Risk ; Vaccination & Immunoprophylaxis-General Principles; Interactions Between Travel Vaccines & Drugs; Yellow Fever Vaccine & Malaria Prevention Information, by Country; Travelers Diarrhea; ...perspectives: Antibiotics in Travelers Diarrhea-Balancing Benefit & Risk ; Food & Water Precautions; Water Disinfection; Travel Health Kits; Last-Minute Travelers; Mental Health; LGBTQ+ Travelers; Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches to Travel Wellness; Prioritizing Care for Resource-Limited Travelers; Telemedicine; ...perspectives: Risk Management Issues in Travel Medicine; 3 Travelers with Additional Considerations; ; Immunocompromised Travelers; Travelers with Disabilities; Travelers with Chronic Illnesses; Highly Allergic Travelers; Substance Use & Substance Use Disorders; 4 Environmental Hazards & Risks; Sun Exposure; Extremes of Temperature; Air Quality & Ionizing Radiation; Scuba Diving: Decompression Illness & Other Dive-Related Injuries; High Elevation Travel & Altitude Illness; Mosquitoes, Ticks & Other Arthropods; Zoonotic Exposures: Bites, Stings, Scratches & Other Hazards; Zoonoses-The One Health Approach; Bringing Animals & Animal Products into the United States; Food Poisoning from Marine Toxins; Safety & Security Overseas; Injury & Trauma; Death During Travel; 5 Travel-Associated Infections & Diseases; ; BACTERIAL; Vaccine-Preventable Diseases: Bacterial; Anthrax; Bartonella Infections; Brucellosis; Campylobacteriosis; Cholera; Diphtheria; Escherichia coli, Diarrheagenic; Helicobacter pylori; Legionnaires Disease & Pontiac Fever; Leptospirosis; Lyme Disease; Melioidosis; Meningococcal Disease; Pertussis / Whooping Cough; Plague; Pneumococcal Disease; Q Fever; Rickettsial Diseases; Salmonellosis, Nontyphoidal; Shigellosis; Tetanus; Tuberculosis; ...perspectives: Testing Travelers for Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection ; Typhoid & Paratyphoid Fever; Yersiniosis; VIRAL; Vaccine-Preventable Diseases: Viral; B Virus; Chikungunya; COVID-19; Dengue; Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease; Henipavirus Infections; Hepatitis A; Hepatitis B; Hepatitis C; Hepatitis E; Human Immunodeficiency Virus / HIV; Influenza; Japanese Encephalitis; Middle East Respiratory Syndrome / MERS; Mumps; Norovirus; Poliomyelitis; Rabies; ...perspectives: Rabies Immunization ; Rubella; Rubeola / Measles; Smallpox & Other Orthopoxvirus-Associated Infections; Tick-Borne Encephalitis; Varicella / Chickenpox; Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers; Yellow Fever; Zika; PARASITIC; Amebiasis; Angiostrongyliasis; Cryptosporidiosis; Cutaneous Larva Migrans; Cyclosporiasis; Cysticercosis; Echinococcosis; Enterobiasis / Pinworm; Filariasis, Lymphatic; Flukes, Liver; Flukes, Lung; Giardiasis; Helminths, Soil-Transmitted; Leishmaniasis, Cutaneous; Leishmaniasis, Visceral; Malaria; Onchocerciasis / River Blindness; Sarcocystosis; Scabies; Schistosomiasis; Strongyloidiasis; Taeniasis; Toxoplasmosis; Trypanosomiasis, African; Trypanosomiasis, American / Chagas Disease; FUNGAL; Coccidioidomycosis / Valley Fever; Histoplasmosis; 6 Health Care Abroad; Travel Insurance, Travel Health Insurance & Medical Evacuation Insurance; Obtaining Health Care Abroad; ...perspectives: Avoiding Poorly Regulated Medicines & Medical Products during Travel ; Medical Tourism; 7 Family Travel; ; Pregnant Travelers; Travel & Breastfeeding; Traveling Safely with Infants & Children; Vaccine Recommendations for Infants & Children; International Adoption; Traveling with Pets & Service Animals; 8 Travel by Air, Land & Sea; Air Travel; ...perspectives: Responding to Medical Emergencies when Flying ; Deep Vein Thrombosis & Pulmonary Embolism; Jet Lag; Road & Traffic Safety; Cruise Ship Travel; Motion Sickness; Airplanes & Cruise Ships: Illness & Death Reporting & Public Health Interventions; 9 Travel for Work & Other Reasons; The International Business Traveler; Advice for Aircrew; ...perspectives: People Who Fly for a Living-Health Myths & Realities ; Health Care Workers, Including Public Health Researchers & Medical Laboratorians; Humanitarian Aid Workers; United States Military Deployments; Long-Term Travelers & Expatriates; Study Abroad & Other International Student Travel; Visiting Friends & Relatives: VFR Travel; Mass Gatherings; Adventure Travel; Sex & Travel; 10 Popular Itineraries; The Rationale for Popular Itineraries; AFRICA & THE MIDDLE EAST; African Safaris; Saudi Arabia: Hajj & Umrah Pilgrimages; South Africa; Tanzania & Zanzibar; THE AMERICAS & THE CARIBBEAN; Brazil; Dominican Republic; Haiti; Mexico; Peru; ASIA; Burma (Myanmar); China; India; Nepal; Thailand; 11 Posttravel Evaluation; General Approach to the Returned Traveler; Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Infectious Diseases; ...perspectives: Screening Asymptomatic Returned Travelers ; Fever in the Returned Traveler; Antimicrobial Resistance; Respiratory Infections; Persistent Diarrhea in Returned Travelers; Skin & Soft Tissue Infections; ...perspectives: Delusional Parasitosis ; Sexually Transmitted Infections; Newly Arrived Immigrants, Refugees & Other Migrants;
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