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Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicine

Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicine

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Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicine equips trainee doctors with the essential skills and core knowledge to establish a diagnosis reliably and quickly, before outlining the management of the clinical condition diagnosed.Organised into three sections, the first provides a vital overview, whilst the second focuses on common presentations and diagnoses. Uniquely, this new book shows readers how to turn symptoms into a list of diagnoses ordered by probability - a differential diagnosis. Experienced consultants who teach trainees every day demonstrate how to derive an ordered differential diagnosis, how to narrow this down to a single diagnosis and if not, how to live with diagnostic uncertainty. The final sectionprovides a comprehensive account of the management of system-based syndromes and diseases. Highly-structured chapters emphasize how common conditions present, how to approach a diagnosis, and how to estimate prognosis, treatment and its effectiveness. An onus is placed on the development of crucial diagnostic skills and the ability to devise evidence-based management plans quickly and accurately, making this an ideal text for core medical trainees.
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OUP Oxford


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195 x 265
  • Part 1 The approach to the patient; Diagnostic reasoning; Dealing with uncertainty; Taking the history; The physical examination; The psychological examination; Confidentiality; Consent; Part 2 Assessment of symptoms and presenting problems; Palpitation; Acute chest pain; Chronic chest pain; Hypotension; Acute breathlessness; Chronic breathlessness; Peripheral oedema; Murmur; Cough; Wheeze; Haemoptysis; Pleural effusion; Chylothorax; Difficulty swallowing; Haematemesis; Acute abdominal pain; Chronic abdominal pain; Dyspepsia; Abdominal mass; Constipation; Acute diarrhoea; Chronic diarrhoea; Rectal bleeding; Jaundice; Ascites; Chylous ascites; Swelling in the neck; Splenomegaly and other disorders of the spleen; Lymphadenopathy; Anaemia; Bruising and bleeding; Transient loss of consciousness; Coma; Delirium (Acute confusional state); Seizures; Difficulty speaking (including dysphasia and dysarthria); Weakness; Tremor and other abnormal movements; Gait disorders; Sensory loss; Headache; Loss of vision; The red eye; Hearing loss; Facial pain; Dizziness; Disorders of sleep; Haematuria; Oliguria and anuria; Polyuria; Dysuria; Urinary incontinence; Faecal incontinence; Vaginal discharge; Joint pain; Muscle pain; Low back pain; Painful leg; Leg ulcer; Limb ischaemia; Rashes; Blistering rashes; Photosensitive rashes; Itching; Lumps and bumps; Falls; Immobility ( Off legs ); Suspected anaphylaxis; Fever; Hyperthermia; Hypothermia; Fatigue; Unintentional weight loss; Obesity; Self-harm; Alcohol intoxication; Intravenous drug use; Part 3 Cardiovascular disorders; Normal function of the cardiovascular system; Risk factors for cardiovascular disease; Diagnosis and investigation in suspected heart disease; Congenital heart disease in adults; Chronic stable angina; Acute coronary syndromes; Acute heart failure; Chronic heart failure; Aortic stenosis; Aortic regurgitation; Mitral regurgitation; Miscellaneous valvar pathology:: mitral stenosis, pulmonary stenosis, and tricuspid regurgitation; Percutaneous coronary interventions; Heart surgery; Circulatory support therapy; Pulmonary hypertension; Venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism; Aortic aneurysm; Aortic dissection; Peripheral arterial disease; Raynauds phenomenon; Heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy); Tumours and the heart; Cardiac infection; Pericardial disease; Extrasystoles; Sinus tachycardia; Focal (ectopic) atrial tachycardia (FAT/EAT); Multifocal atrial tachycardia (MAT); Atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia (AVNRT); Atrioventricular re-entrant tachycardia (AVRT); Atrial fibrillation; Atrial flutter; Ventricular tachyarrhythmias:: ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation; Bradyarrhythmias; Sudden cardiac death; Cardiac device therapy; Drug-induced cardiovascular disease; Psychological management of coronary heart disease; Treatment of terminal cardiovascular disease; Part 4 Respiratory disorders; Normal respiratory function; Diagnosis in suspected respiratory disease; Investigation in respiratory disease; Upper respiratory tract infection, including influenza; Pneumonia; Tuberculosis; Pneumothorax; Cystic fibrosis; Asthma; Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; Respiratory failure; Obstructive sleep apnoea; Bronchiectasis; Sarcoidosis and other granulomatous lung disease; Interstitial lung disease; Pulmonary vasculitis; Lung cancer (including management of an isolated lung lesion); Occupational lung disease; Pleural infection and malignancy; Drug-induced lung disease; Psychology in respiratory disease including dysfunctional breathing; Terminal care in respiratory illness; Part 5 Intensive care medicine; Critical illness; Role of the intensive care unit; ICU treatment of respiratory failure; ICU treatment of cardiovascular failure; ICU treatment of renal failure; ICU treatment of sepsis and septic shock; Terminal care in the intensive care unit; Brain death; Part 6 Disorders of the kidney and urinary tract; Normal renal function; Diagnosis in suspected renal disease; Investigation in renal disease; Urinary tract infection; Glomerulonephritis; Interstitial renal disease; Nephrotic syndrome; Acute renal failure; Chronic kidney disease; Diabetic renal disease; Urinary tract obstruction and tumours; Renal calculi; Renal and bladder cancer; Renal support therapy; Inherited renal diseases; The kidney in systemic disease; Renal vascular disease; Management of terminal care in renal disease; Disorders of plasma potassium; Disorders of plasma sodium; Disorders of plasma calcium; Disorders of plasma phosphate; Disorders of plasma magnesium and other elements; Disorders of acid-base balance; Porphyria; Aminoacidopathies, urea cycle disorders and organic acidurias; Amyloidosis; Part 7 Diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders; Normal function of the endocrine system; Diagnosis and investigation in endocrine disorders; Diabetes mellitus; Hypoglycaemia; Thyroid disease; Primary hyperparathyroidism; Adrenal disease; Cushing syndrome; Short stature; Infertility; Pituitary disorders:: prolactinomas, acromegaly and pituitary apoplexy; Part 8 Gastro-intestinal disorders; Normal gastrointestinal function; Diagnosis in suspected gastrointestinal disease; Investigation in gastrointestinal disease; Immunology and genetics in gastrointestinal and hepatic medicine; Gastrointestinal infections; Benign oesophageal disease; Peptic ulcer disease; Gall bladder disease; Pancreatic disease; Malabsorption; Inflammatory bowel disease; Gastrointestinal tumours; Functional gastrointestinal diseases; Psychiatry in gastrointestinal medicine; Part 9 Disorders of the liver; Normal hepatic function; Investigation in liver disease; Acute liver failure; Chronic liver failure; Alcoholic liver disease; Viral hepatitis; Auto-immune hepatitis; Genetic liver disease; Drug-induced liver disease; Miscellaneous liver diseases; The liver in systemic disease; Liver cancer; Part 10 Neurological disorders; Normal neurological function; Diagnosis in suspected neurological disease; Investigation in neurological disease; Demographics of neurological disease; Neurogenetic disease; Neuro-cutaneous syndromes; Congenital neurological disorders; Epilepsy; Stroke; Dementia; Neurological infection; Disorders of movement; Multiple sclerosis; Motor neurone disease; Spinal cord disease; Neuropathy; Myopathy; Vasculitis in neurology; Neurological tumours; Non-metastatic neurological manifestations of malignancy; Neurosurgery; Drug-induced neurological disease; Functional and dissociative neurological symptoms; Palliative care in neurological disease; Part 11 Disorders of the skin; Normal skin function; Approach to diagnosing skin disease; Investigation in skin disease; Skin infection and infestation; Cutaneous vasculitis; Acne; Psoriasis; Eczema; Urticaria; Bullous disorders; Hair disorders; Nail disorders; Mucosal disease; Genital disease; Polymorphic light eruption and actinic prurigo; Disorders of pigmentation; Skin cancer; Skin markers of internal disease; Drug-induced skin disease; Psychocutaneous medicine; Part 12 Disorders of the musculoskeletal system; Normal function of the musculoskeletal system; Diagnosis in suspected rheumatological disease; Investigation in rheumatological disease; Osteoarthritis; Rheumatoid arthritis; Sero-negative spondylarthropathy; Systemic lupus erythematosus; Crystal arthropathy; Infection of joints and bones; Vasculitis; Osteomalacia; Pagets disease of bone; Osteoporosis and fragility fracture; Genetic bone and joint disease; Part 13 Haematological disorders; Normal blood function; Diagnosis and investigation in haematology; Haematinic-deficiency anaemia; Haemolytic anaemia; Normal platelet function; Platelet disorders; Normal haemostatic function; Bleeding disorders; Prothrombotic conditions; Acute leukaemia; Chronic leukaemia; Myelodysplasia; Lymphoma; Multiple myeloma and related conditions; Myeloproliferative disorders; Terminal care in haematological disease; Part 14 Disorders of the immune system; Functions of the immune system; Clinical features and diagnosis of immunological disease; Neutrophil abnormalities; Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection; Antibody deficiencies; Combined T and B cell immunodeficiencies; Complement deficiencies; Hypersensitivity diseases; Immunological support; Immunosuppressive therapy and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies; Part 15 Infectious diseases; Defences against infection; Nature and demographics:: Epidemiology of infective organisms; Diagnosis in suspected infective disease:: The history and examination; Investigation in infection; Treatment of infection; Viral infection; Sepsis; Bacterial infection; Mycobacterial infection other than tuberculosis; Spirochaetal infection (non-syphilis); Syphilis; Rickettsial infection; Fungal infection; Protozoal infection:: Gut organisms; Protozoal infection:: Malaria; Worm infection (including hydatid disease); Prion disease; Sexually-transmitted disease (gonorrhoea); Part 16 Cancers; Cancers related to infection; Principles of oncogenesis; Presentations in suspected cancer; Diagnosis and staging of cancer; Treatment of cancer; Prostate cancer; Breast cancer; Ovarian and testicular cancer; Symptom-control in cancer; Dying from cancer; Part 17 Dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors affecting health; Normal nutritional function; Starvation and malnutrition; Vitamin deficiencies; Nutritional support in the critically ill; Poor diets; Obesity; Physical activity and its role in disease prevention; Smoking; Alcohol; Environmental radiation; Air pollution; Non-prescription drugs; Part 18 Prevention of disease; Prevention of cardiovascular disease; Prevention of respiratory disease; Prevention of kidney disease; Prevention of gastrointestinal disease; Prevention of neurological disease; Prevention of cerebrovascular disease; Prevention of infection; Prevention of cancer; Part 19 Screening for disease; Screening for cardiovascular disease; Screening for respiratory disease; Screening for kidney disease; Screening for gastrointestinal disease; Screening for neurological disease; Screening for cancer;
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