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Williams' Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy

Williams' Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy

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Stay up to date on all the latest in nutrition care with Williams Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy, 16th Edition. This market-leading text provides concise, need-to-know coverage of hot topics, emerging trends, and cutting-edge research to ensure you are equipped to make informed decisions on patient nutrition in the clinical space. And with its conversational writing style, vivid illustrations, and wide array of reader-friendly features, you can easily understand how the concepts in the book can be applied in clinical practice. The text is broken out into four parts:: an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition science, human growth and development needs, community nutrition, and clinical nutrition. Next Generation NCLEX® case studies and question types are also included in the text and on the companion Evolve website.

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  • PART 1: Introduction to Basic Principles of Nutrition Science 1. Food, Nutrition, and Health 2. Carbohydrates 3. Fats 4. Proteins 5. Digestion, Absorption, and Metabolism 6. Energy Balance 7. Vitamins 8. Minerals 9. Water and Electrolyte Balance

    PART 2: Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle 10. Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation 11. Nutrition During Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence 12. Nutrition for Adults: The Early, Middle, and Later Years

    PART 3: Community Nutrition and Health Care 13. Community Food Supply and Health 14. Food Habits and Cultural Patterns 15. Weight Management 16. Nutrition and Physical Fitness

    PART 4: Clinical Nutrition 17. Nutritional Care 18. Gastrointestinal and Accessory Organ Problems 19. Coronary Heart Disease and Hypertension 20. Diabetes Mellitus 21. Kidney Disease 22. Surgery and Nutritional Support 23. Nutritional Support in Cancer and AIDS

    Appendixes Glossary

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