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Treating Later-Life Depression

Treating Later-Life Depression

A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach, Clinician Guide

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As demographic trends shift toward an aging population, there is a growing need for improved mental health treatment for older adults. With depression as the leading mental health concern in later life, one of the greatest challenges for treatment providers is the wide variability of life circumstances that accompany depressive symptoms for clients across outpatient mental health, integrated primary care, and inpatient psychiatric settings.Treating Later-Life Depression:: Clinician Guide outlines culturally responsive practices that target the contexts and drivers/antecedents of depression in middle-aged and older adults. Clinicians can choose research-supported modules from the accompanying Workbook that fit the needs of their clients (i.e. chronic pain, sleep problems, anxiety, experiences of loss). This practical guide reflects continuing international scientific and clinical advances in applying CBT toage-related problems using individual and group formats, with clinician-tested recommendations for telehealth practice. With the flexible clinical tools provided in this guide, practitioners can personalize the application of change strategies, including behavioral activation, relaxation training, self-compassion, cognitivereappraisal, and communication skills training among others. Case examples are also provided from a range of disciplines (e.g., clinical psychology, psychiatry, social work, counseling, marriage and family therapy, nursing, occupational therapy and recreational specialists) to illustrate application in busy clinical practices. The guide closes with aging-friendly assessment tools and other resources to support ongoing professional development.Treating Later-Life Depression, Clinician Guide is an indispensable resource for all behavioral health providers who wish to help diverse aging clients thrive effectively and efficiently in a daily life that is true to their values and personal strengths.
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  • Part I:: Introductory Information for Clinicians; ; Chapter 1:: How to Use This Treatment Approach; Chapter 2:: Depression and Age-Related Issues; Chapter 3:: Assessment with Aging Individuals; Chapter 4:: Cognitive Behavioral Therapies 101; Chapter 5:: Psychotherapy Modifications with Aging Clients; Part II:: Core Modules (For Most Clients); ; Chapter 6 Module 1:: Skills for Getting Started:: Planning Your Treatment; Chapter 7 Module 2:: Skills for Feeling:: Recognizing and Managing Strong Emotions; Chapter 8 Module 3:: Skills for Doing:: Values-Based Living and Solving Problems; Chapter 9 Module 4:: Skills for Thinking:: Self-Compassion and Helpful Thoughts; Chapter 10 Module 11:: Skills for Wrapping Up:: Finishing Treatment; Part III:: Personalized Modules (For Some Clients); Chapter 11 Module 5:: Skills for Brain Health:: Healthy Cognitive Aging; Chapter 12 Module 6:: Skills for Managing Chronic Pain:: Improving Daily Life; Chapter 13 Module 7:: Skills for Healthy Sleep:: Resting Better and Longer; Chapter 14 Module 8:: Skills for Caregiving:: Reducing Stress While Helping Others; Chapter 15 Module 9:: Skills for Living with Loss:: Bereavement and Grief; Chapter 16 Module 10:: Skills for Relating:: Getting Along and Communicating Your Needs; Afterword:: Professional Development; Appendix A:: Professional Development Resources; Appendix B:: Recommendations for Group Treatments; Appendix C:: California Older Persons Positive Experiences Schedule-Revised (COPPES-R); Appendix D:: Clinical Tools and Measures;
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