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Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards

Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards

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Now in its third edition, Sports Medicine:: Study Guide and Review for Boards continues as the leading review text offering a focused survey of non-surgical sports medicine topics. Updated throughout to reflect current sports science, protocols, and practice, this book covers all topics related to and found on the Sports Medicine board examination. Written in outline format for targeted review, the book serves as a primary study tool for candidates preparing for initial certification or recertification as well as those wanting to supplement their training in sports medicine.

Organized according to the exam blueprint with topics weighted to reflect their emphasis on the test, sections cover all subject areas found on the boards including basic science and general procedures; health promotion and preventative aspects; emergency assessment and care; and diagnosis, management, and treatment for the full range of sports-related injuries and conditions. A final sub-section on emerging topics in the field includes chapters on regenerative medicine, sports ultrasound, and a newly added chapter on exercise as medicine. The book also contains a practice test of over 260 questions new to this edition with answer key and detailed rationales for candidates to assess clinical knowledge and assist with final preparation for boards. Loaded with high-yield facts throughout, this proven resource is fit for any student, trainee, or clinician preparing for boards, MOC, or in-training exams.

Key Features::

  • Offers comprehensive coverage of all topics tested on the Sports Medicine Examination
  • Encourages targeted review through easy-to-read outline format
  • Illustrates key points with over 100 figures and tables for enhanced learning
  • Contains full practice test with 260+ questions, answers, and explanations
  • Purchase includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers
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    • Preface
    • I. General Topics
    • Chapter 1. Overview of the Examination by Mark A. Harrast and Jonathan T. Finnoff
    • Chapter 2. The Role of the Team Physician by Melissa Novak and Carly Day

      Basic Science of Sports

    • Chapter 3. Exercise Physiology by Allison Schroeder and Jonathan T. Finnoff
    • Chapter 4. Sports Biomechanics by Erek W. Latzka, Lyndsey Booker, and Mark A. Harrast
    • Chapter 5. Pharmacology and Doping by Jeffrey L. Tanji
    • Chapter 6. Principles of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation by Aaron R. Hellem
    • Chapter 7. Sports Medicine Procedures by Meredith Ehn, Michael Henrie, and Stuart Willick
    • II. Health Promotion
    • Preventive Aspects of Sports Medicine
    • Chapter 8. Preparticipation Examination by D. Harrison Youmans and Tracy R. Ray
    • Chapter 9. Strength and Conditioning Techniques by Jacob H. Resiner, Karl C. Erickson, and Jacob L. Sellon
    • Chapter 10. Nutrition by Susan M. Kleiner, Abbie E. Smith-Ryan, and Cassandra E. Forsythe
    • Chapter 11. Exercise Prescription, Exercise Testing, and Exercise Screening by Michelle L. Mullins, Jerome T. Nichols, and Kenneth R. Mautner
    • Chapter 12. Event Administration by John Cianca
    • Chapter 13. Braces and Protective Equipment by Wade Johnson and Joshua J. Pinkney

      III. Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of Sports Injuries and Conditions

      Musculoskeletal Injuries and Conditions

    • Chapter 14. General Concepts of Muscle and Tendon Injuries and Conditions by Alfred Gellhorn
    • Chapter 15. Bone Injuries and Conditions by Karie Zach
    • Chapter 16. Cartilage and Joint Injuries and Conditions by Brandee Waite and Jaire N. Saunders
    • Chapter 17. Fracture and Dislocation Management by Meredith Ehn, Christopher Gee, and Stuart Willick
    • Chapter 18. Cervical Spine Injuries and Conditions by Stephen C. Johnson
    • Chapter 19. Emergency Evaluation and Management of Cervical Spine Injuries by Leah G. Concannon
    • Chapter 20. Lumbar Spine Injuries and Conditions by Stephen Schaaf and David “D.J.” Kennedy
    • Chapter 21. Shoulder Injuries and Conditions by Ryan C. Kruse and Mederic M. Hall
    • Chapter 22. Elbow and Forearm Injuries and Conditions by Steve J. Wisniewski
    • Chapter 23. Hand and Wrist Injuries and Conditions by Joseph Ihm
    • Chapter 24. Pelvis, Hip, and Thigh Injuries and Conditions by James Cole and Nathan Olafsen
    • Chapter 25. Knee Injuries and Conditions by Kristian J. von Rickenbach, Ashwin N. Babu, and Cheri A. Blauwet
    • Chapter 26. Lower Leg Injuries and Conditions by Sheyna E. Gifford and John P. Metzler
    • Chapter 27. Ankle and Foot Injuries and Conditions by Tyler Slayman and Britt Marcussen
    • Chapter 28. Pediatric Musculoskeletal Injuries and Conditions by Andrew J.M. Gregory

      Medical, Neurological, and Psychological Conditions

    • Chapter 29. Environmental Illness by Marianne Luetmer and Chad Asplund
    • Chapter 30. Exercise Associated Collapse by Christina Giacomazzi and Mark A. Harrast
    • Chapter 31. Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose, and Throat Injuries and Conditions by Timothy W. Thomsen and Christopher P. Hogrefe
    • Chapter 32. Chest Trauma:: Thoracic Injuries and Conditions by Kristi Colbenson
    • Chapter 33. Sports Cardiology by Henry Pelto and Jonathan Drezner
    • Chapter 34. Sports Pulmonary by Amelia Hardeman and J. Tod Olin
    • Chapter 35. Sports Gastroenterology and Abdominal Injuries and Conditions by Ashwin Rao
    • Chapter 36. Sports Nephrology and Urology by Michael A. Fitzgerald and M. Kyle Smoot
    • Chapter 37. Sports Dermatology by Mariah N. Sisson and Andrew R. Peterson
    • Chapter 38. Sports Hematology by Ashley V. Austin and Kimberly G. Harmon
    • Chapter 39. Sports Endocrinology by Spencer E. Richards and David G. Liddle
    • Chapter 40. Sports Obstetrics and Gynecology by Heidi L. Walls and Heather M. Gillespie
    • Chapter 41. Sports Infectious Diseases by David M. Siebert and John W. O'Kane
    • Chapter 42. Sports Allergy and Immunology by Jarrod Harrall
    • Chapter 43. Sports Rheumatology by Andrew L. Concoff
    • Chapter 44. Sports Neurology by Jeffrey Kutcher and Sean C. Rose
    • Chapter 45. Sports Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury by Scott R. Laker, Jessica Pruente, and Derek Stokes
    • Chapter 46. Neurovascular Injuries of the Upper and Lower Limbs by Debbie Lee, Jason Friedrich, and Venu Akuthota
    • Chapter 47. Sports Psychology by Karen D. Cogan and Alexander Cohen

      Special Populations

    • Chapter 48. The Master Athlete by Marni G. Hillinger and Jennifer A. Soo Hoo
    • Chapter 49. The Pediatric Athlete by Holly J. Benjamin and David J. Jewison
    • Chapter 50. The Female Athlete by Karie Zach
    • Chapter 51. The Adaptive Athlete by Joshua Lider and Stuart Willick

      Hot Topics in Sports Medicine

    • Chapter 52. Regenerative Medicine in Sports Medicine by Joshua Martin, Reina Nakamura, and Gerard Malanga
    • Chapter 53. Sports Ultrasound by Mederic M. Hall
    • Chapter 54. Exercise as Medicine by Mark E. Sederberg and Cindy Lin
    • IV. Practice Test with Rationales
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