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ESSA's Student Manual for Health, Exercise and Sport Assessment

ESSA's Student Manual for Health, Exercise and Sport Assessment

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ESSAs Student Manual for Health, Exercise and Sport assessment is an essential text for students and exercise clinicians wishing to accredit with ESSA as exercise scientists.

Written by former ESSA President Jeff Coombes and clinical exercise physiologist Tina Skinner, this book provides everything students need to achieve competency in ESSA Standard 7, Health Exercise and Sport Assessment. It contains in-depth and well-articulated methodology for all tests, data recording tables and normative values, and case study analyses.

Each of the 21 chapters addresses key health and fitness assessments used to evaluate health, fitness and performance. With easy-to-follow practicals throughout, this book has been updated to reflect current best practice and recent advances such as wearable devices and smartphone apps.

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  • 1.    Test accuracy, reliability and validity
        2.    Blood analysis
        3.    Cardiovascular health
        4.    Physique assessment
        5.    Physical activity
        6.    Pre-exercise health screening
        7.    Neuromuscular strength, power and strength endurance
        8.    Static and dynamic posture
        9.    Flexibility
       10.   VO2max
       11.   Submaximal testing for cardiorespiratory fitness
       12.   Lactate threshold
       13.   High-intensity exercise
       14.   Nutrition
       15.   Functional measures
       16.   Exercise capacity
       17.   Pulmonary function
       18.   Resting and exercise electrocardiography (ECG)
       19.   Data analysis
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