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Mental Health Research and Practice: From Evidence to Experience

Mental Health Research and Practice: From Evidence to Experience

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A comprehensive handbook covering current, controversial, and debated topics in psychiatric practice, aligned to the EPA Scientific Sections. All chapters been written by international experts active within their respective fields and they follow a structured template, covering updates relevant to clinical practice and research, current challenges, and future perspectives. This essential book features a wide range of topics in psychiatric research from child and adolescent psychiatry, epidemiology and social psychiatry to forensic psychiatry and neurodevelopmental disorders. It provides a unique global overview on different themes, from the recent dissemination in ordinary clinical practice of the ICD-11 to the innovations in addiction and consultation-liaison psychiatry. In addition, the book offers a multidisciplinary perspective on emerging hot topics including emergency psychiatry, ADHD in adulthood, and innovation in telemental health. An invaluable source of evidence-based information for trainees in psychiatry, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals.
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  • List of Contributors; Preface; 1. Chemical and behavioral addictions: new perspectives and challenges Kris Baetens, Falk Kiefer, Arnt Schellekens and Geert Dom; 2. Nonsuicidal self-injury in adolescents: research and clinical practice Judit Balazs and Romuald Brunner; 3. Consultation-liaison psychiatry and psychosomatics: from subspecialty to forma mentis Giorgio Mattei and Diogo Telles-Correia; 4. Recent developments in cultural psychiatry Iris Tatjana Graef-Calliess, Umut Altunöz, Michela Galatolo, Ilaria Tarricone, Şebnem Bahad?r and Meryam Schouler-Ocak; 5. New perspectives in eating disorders: updates in diagnosis, risk factors, psychopathology, and social aspects Alessio Maria Monteleone, Loretta Sala, Philip Gorwood, Janet Treasure and Palmiero Monteleone; 6. Emergency psychiatry Pier Maria Furlan†, Matteo Di Vincenzo and Gaia Sampogna; 7. How can forensic psychiatry contribute to legal and ethical controversies in society?: What everybody should know about forensic psychiatry Kris Goethals, Birgit Völlm and Kolja Schiltz; 8. Diagnosis of co-occurrent mental health problems in persons with intellectual disability, major communication and insight difficulties, and stressor-related disorders Marco O. Bertelli, Jane McCarthy and Krzysztof Krysta; 9. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults: from research to clinical practice Philip Asherson, Judit Balazs, Istvan Bitter, Pieter-Jan Carpentier, Rafał Jaeschke, Pavel Mohr, Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, Pietro De Rossi, Bengi Semerci and Sandra Kooij; 10. Translational neuroimaging in psychiatry Marcella Bellani, Maria Gloria Rossetti, Eleonora Maggioni, Benedicto Crespo-Facorro and Paolo Brambilla; 11. Challenges in the therapy of psychiatric disorders in the elderly Gabriela Stoppe, Filip Bouckaert, Matej Stuhec and Cecile Hanon; 12. Position-taking: an example of philosophical contribution in refining clinical practice in mental health Massimiliano Aragona, Milena Mancini, Martina Scudiero and Giovanni Stanghellini; 13. Physical health of patients with schizophrenia: management of antipsychotic-induced side effects and treatment of comorbid somatic conditions Pavel Mohr, Matej Štuhec and Istvan Bitter; 14. Evolving concepts for the assessment and treatment of schizophrenia: focus on negative symptoms and cognitive impairment Giulia M. Giordano, Pasquale Pezzella, Wolfgang Gaebel and Silvana Galderisi; 15. The role of rapid-acting antidepressants in suicidal crisis management Aiste Lengvenyte, Marco Sarchiapone, Miriam Iosue and Philippe Courtet; 16. Telemental health care: an update Umberto Volpe, Defne Eraslan and Laura Orsolini; 17. Development and current status of ICD-11 mental, behavioral or neurodevelopmental disorders Wolfgang Gaebel, Eva Salveridou-Hofa, Anna Kresse, Radhika F. Kadakia and Geoffrey M. Reed; 18. Anxiety disorders Eleonora Piccoli, Simone Vanzetto, Lucia Cerolini, Dario Conti, Laura Celebre and Bernardo DellOsso; 19. Did we lose interest and pleasure in the concept of major depression? Koen Demyttenaere; 20. Personality disorders: diagnosis, assessment, and intervention strategies Vittorio Lingiardi, Laura Muzi and Tommaso Boldrini; Index.
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