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A Guide to Psychiatric Examination

A Guide to Psychiatric Examination

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This concise multidisciplinary guide is for anyone working with people with mental health conditions, covering the techniques needed for a good psychiatric interview and preparing them for specific groups, presentations and settings.

A Guide to Psychiatric Examination covers everything from psychiatric assessment basics through to in-depth topics and how to approach examinations. It is ideal for medical students, registrars and nursing and allied health team professionals and students.

Succinct and jargon-free, this is intended as a practical handbook that can be read quickly and consulted as needed to help build confidence and skills.

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  • Chapter 1.Being interviewed:: the psychiatric assessment as a co-constructed relationship
    Section 1::The basics
    Chapter 2.Information gathering
    Chapter 3.Becoming a skilled interviewer
    Section 2::The diagnostic psychiatric interview
    Chapter 4.Preparing for the interview
    Chapter 5.The diagnostic interview
    Chapter 6.The mental state examination
    Chapter 7.Bringing it all together
    Chapter 8.Recording and communicating your assessment to others
    Section 3::Specific presentations
    Chapter 9.Depression
    Chapter 10.The suicidal person
    Chapter 11.Mania
    Chapter 12.Psychosis
    Chapter 13.Anxiety
    Chapter 14.Obsessive-compulsive symptoms
    Chapter 15.Post-traumatic stress disorder
    Chapter 16.Confusion part 1:: delirium
    Chapter 17.Confusion part 2:: dementia
    Chapter 18. Substance use and addiction behaviours
    Chapter 19.The person with feeding and eating disorders
    Chapter 20.Borderline personality disorder
    Chapter 21. Pregnancy and the postnatal period
    Chapter 22.The unresponsive person
    Chapter 23.Dealing with a potentially violent person
    Chapter 24. Neurodevelopmental disorders
    Section 4::Specific places
    Chapter 25.Assessments in the accident and emergency department
    Chapter 26.Assessments in the home
    Chapter 27.Assessments in the general hospital (or CL unplugged)
    Section 5::Specific groups
    Chapter 28.The assessment of children and adolescents
    Chapter 29.Assessment of older people
    Chapter 30.Assessment of people with intellectual disabilities
    Chapter 31.Assessment of people from different ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds
    Section 6::In-depth topics
    Chapter 32.Personality difficulties
    Chapter 33.The extended cognitive assessment
    Chapter 34.Assessment of mental capacity
    Chapter 35.Risk and risk assessment
    Chapter 36.Assessment of physical health
    Chapter 37.Changed behaviours in people with dementia
    Chapter 38.Difficult encounters
    Section 7::Approaching examinations
    Chapter 39.Examination skills
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