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Case Studies: Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology: Volume 2

Case Studies: Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology: Volume 2

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Following the success of the first collection of Stahls Case Studies, published in 2011, we are pleased to present this completely new selection of clinical stories. Designed with the distinctive user-friendly presentation readers have become accustomed to and making use of icons, questions/answers and tips, these cases address complex issues in an understandable way and with direct relevance to the everyday experience of clinicians. Covering a wide-ranging and representative selection of clinical scenarios, each case is followed through the complete clinical encounter, from start to resolution, acknowledging all the complications, issues, decisions, twists and turns along the way. The book is about living through the treatments that work, the treatments that fail, and the mistakes made along the journey. This is psychiatry in real life - these are the patients from your waiting room - this book will reassure, inform and guide better clinical decision making. Optional posttests with CME credit are available for a fee (waived for NEI members). For more information, contact the Neuroscience Education Institute.
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  • Introduction; List of icons; Abbreviations; 1. The case: achieving remission with medication management augmented with pet therapy; 2. The case: the luteal, jaw moving woman with paranoid paneling; 3. The case: the other lady with a moving jaw; 4. The case: the lady with MDD who bought an RV; 5. The case: the PCP who went the prescribing distance but came up short; 6. The case: intrusions, ammonia, and dyskinesias, oh my; 7. The case: the lady and the man who sat on couches; 8. The case: the lady who had her diagnosis altered; 9. The case: the man who picked things up; 10. The case: it worked this time, but with a hitch; 11. The case: the figment of a man who looked upon on the lady; 12. The case: the man who couldnt sell anymore; 13. The case: the woman who thought she was ill, then was ill; 14. The case: generically speaking, generics are OK; 15. The case: the woman who wouldnt leave her car; 16. The case: the woman who liked late night TV; 17. The case: the patient who interacted with everything; 18. The case: the angry twins; 19. The case: anxiety, depression, or prebipolaring?; 20. The case: the patient who wasnt lyming; 21. The case: hindsight is always 20/20 or ADHD; 22. The case: this ones too hot, this ones too cold… this one is just right; 23. The case: schizophrenia patient needs sleep; 24. The case: the man with greasy hands needs fine tuning; 25. The case: the combative business woman; 26. The case: the man with a little bit of everything; 27. The case: oops, he fell off the curve; 28. The case: 54-year-old with recurrent depression and psychiatric Parkinsonism; 29. The case: 55-year-old with depression not responsive to serotonergic treatment; 30. The case: 23-year-old with first depression… thats it!; Index of drug names; Index of case studies.
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