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Molecular Hematopathology: An Integrated Case-Based Approach

Molecular Hematopathology: An Integrated Case-Based Approach

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Molecular Hematopathology:: An Integrated Case-Based Approach, provides readers an integrated case-informed learning experience of Molecular Hematopathology focused on best-practice neoplastic hematopoietic disorders and related conditions. Through reviews of diagnostic approaches in which a combination of morphologic analysis, flow cytometry, and genetic testing (cytogenetics, FISH, PCR, and/or NGS) are used to best advantage, readers should significantly expand their understanding.

The text is not simply a catalog of every hematologic neoplasm having a defined cytogenetic or molecular abnormality, but rather a study of cases whose evaluations illustrate how specific chromosomal and molecular findings are used for diagnosis, prognosis, and for consideration for targeted therapy. Most of the individual chapters include summary tables that compare the described malignancy with similar entities, so that a very broad set of specific hematologic is considered throughout the text.

Two sets of quiz questions are also provided for aiding in self-study. The Appendices include a concise overview of cytogenetic and molecular techniques, including a complete guide to reading next generation sequencing (NGS) data. Standard nomenclature (2017 WHO Classification compliant) is used throughout.

Hematopathology has undergone several revolutionary periods, including the development of a classification system defining distinct, real entities (later evolved to the current WHO classification of hematologic neoplasms), advances in sophisticated immunophenotyping such as flow cytometry, and most recently, an explosion in molecular/genetic testing that greatly expands how we understand the pathophysiology of hematologic disease.

The extent, applications, and ramifications of the genomic revolution are still being developed and explored. This book demonstrates how novel advances in molecular and cellular biology translate to modern pathology practice.
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