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Acetabular Fractures: Diagnosis, Indications, Treatment Strategies

Acetabular Fractures: Diagnosis, Indications, Treatment Strategies

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Enclosed within the deep and complex structures of the hip joint and the surroundings, acetabular fractures confront the orthopaedic surgeon with great challenges. A number of critical neurovascular structures in the vicinity are imperiled; the hip joint itself requires utmost care in surgery to preserve biomechanical stability over the long term and to postpone the development of posttraumatic osteoarthritis in the young to middle-aged patient collective.

It is the goal of this work to provide the surgeon with strategic tools to diagnose and evaluate the types of acetabular fractures to arrive at the optimal individual indication, thus taking a fracture-anatomy-guided approach to reduction and fixation.

Key Features::

  • Eminently practical approach using more than 400 brilliant photographs, radiologic images, and drawings
  • An emphasis on anatomical joint reconstruction to ensure the longest possible survival of the joint
  • Discussion on age-specific problems and complications, such as osteoporosis, thromboembolism, and more

Acetabular Fractures will be welcomed by orthopaedic and trauma surgeons, as well as by residents and fellows, in these fields.

Szczegóły produktu
Georg Thieme


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Liczba stron
229.87 x 309.88
  • 1 Surgical Anatomy
    2 Biomechanics
    3 Radiological Diagnostics
    4 Classification of Acetabulum Fractures
    5 Epidemiology
    6 Indications and Planning
    7 Approaches
    8 Posterior Wall Fractures
    9 Posterior Column Fractures
    10 Associated Posterior Column and Posterior Wall Fractures
    11 Anterior Wall Fractures
    12 Anterior Column Fractures
    13 Associated Anterior Column Plus Posterior Hemitransverse Fractures
    14 Pure Transverse Fractures
    15 Transverse plus Posterior Wall Fractures
    16 T-Type Fractures
    17 Both-Column Fractures
    18 Fractures in the Elderly
    19 Acetabular Fractures in Children
    20 Heterotopic Ossifications
    21 Thromboembolic Complications
    22 Special Screws and Views
    23 Outcome Scoring
    24 Femoral Head Fractures:: Pipkin IV
    25 Periprosthetic Acetabular Fractures

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