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Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing

Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing

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The Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing remains the most comprehensive treatise on the art and science of palliative care nursing available. Dr. Betty Rolling Ferrell and Dr. Judith A. Paice have invited 162 nursing experts to contribute 76 chapters addressing the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs pertinent to the successful palliative care team. Organized within 7 Sections, this new edition covers the gamut of principles of care:: from the time ofinitial diagnosis of a serious illness to the end of a patients life and beyond. This fifth edition features several new chapters, including chapters on advance care planning, organ donation, self-care, global palliative care, and the ethos of palliative nursing. Each chapter is rich with tables and figures, case examples for improved learning, and a strong evidence-based practice to support the highest quality of care. The book offers a valuable and practical resource for students and clinicians across all settings of care. The content is relevant for specialty hospiceagencies and palliative care programs, as well as generalist knowledge for schools of nursing, oncology, critical care, and pediatric. Developed with the intention of emphasizing the need to extend palliative care beyond the specialty to be integrated in all settings and by all clinicians caring for theseriously ill, this new edition will continue to serve as the cornerstone of palliative care education.
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  • SECTION I; General Principles; 1. Introduction to Palliative Nursing; Betty Rolling Ferrell; 2. National Consensus Project for Quality Palliative Care: Assuring Quality Palliative Care through Clinical Practice Guidelines; Constance M. Dahlin; 3. Hospital-Based Palliative Care; Patricia Maani-Fogelman; 4. Principles of Patient and Family Assessment; John D. Chovan; 5. Communication in Palliative Care: An Essential Competency for Nurses; Constance M. Dahlin and Elaine Wittenberg; 6. Advance Care Planning; Shigeko Izumi; SECTION II; Symptom Assessment and Management; 7. Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Teams: Specialists in Delivering Palliative Care; Polly Mazanec, Rebekah Reimer, Jessica Bullington, Patrick J. Coyne, Herman Harris, II, Mary Catherine Dubois, Catherine Rogers, and Jennifer Aron; 8. Pain Assessment; Regina M. Fink, Rose A. Gates, and Kate D. Jeffers; 9. Pain Management; Judith A. Paice; 10. Fatigue; Edith ONeil-Page, Grace E. Dean, and Paula R. Anderson; 11. Anorexia and Cachexia; Elizabeth E. Schack and Dorothy Wholihan; 12. Nausea and Vomiting; David Collett and Kimberly Chow; 13. Dysphagia, Hiccups, and Other Oral Symptoms; Rachel Klinedinst, Audrey Kurash Cohen, and Constance M. Dahlin; 14. Bowel Management: Constipation, Obstruction, Diarrhea, and Ascites; Stefanie N. Mooney, Purvi Patel, and Sorin Buga; 15. Artificial Nutrition and Hydration; Katy M. Lanz, Michelle S. Gabriel, and Jennifer A. Tschanz; 16. Dyspnea, Cough, and Terminal Secretions; DorAnne Donesky; 17. Bladder Management in Palliative Care; Naomi Farrington and Catherine Murphy; 18. Lymphedema Management; Mei R. Fu, Bonnie B. Lasinski, Janet H. Van Cleave, and Charles P. Tilley; 19. Palliative Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Care; Charles P. Tilley, Mei R. Fu, and Jana M. Lipson; 20. Pruritus, Fever, and Sweats; Angel Smothers; 21. Neurological Disorders; Margaret A. Schwartz; 22. Anxiety and Depression; Jaroslava Salman, Emma Wolfe, and Sunita K. Patel; 23. Delirium, Confusion, and Agitation; Wendy Goldberg, Greg Mahr, Amy M. Williams, and Michael Ryan; 24. Insomnia; Karla Schroeder; 25. Sexuality and Intimacy in Serious Illness and at the End of Life; Heather Shaw and Joshua Fronk; 26. Urgent Syndromes at the End of Life; Quinten Robertson and Kelli Gershon; 27. Sedation for Refractory Symptoms; Bonnie Freeman and Chandana Banerjee; 28. Complementary and Integrative Therapies in Palliative Care; Mary-Anne Meyer and Melinda Ring; 29. Withdrawal of Invasive Mechanical Ventilation; Margaret K. Campbell; SECTION III; Psychosocial and Spiritual Support; 30. The Meaning of Hope in the Dying; Valerie T. Cotter and Anessa M. Foxwell; 31. Bereavement; Inge B. Corless and Janice Bell Meisenhelder; 32. Supporting Families and Family Caregivers in Palliative Care; Kelli I. Stajduhar and J. Nicholas Dionne-Odom; 33. Planning for the Actual Death; Patricia Berry and Julie Griffie; 34. Spiritual Screening, History, and Assessment; Elizabeth Johnston Taylor; 35. Spiritual Care Intervention; William Rosa; 36. Meaning in Illness; Tami Borneman and Katherine Brown-Saltzman; SECTION IV; Special Patient Populations; 37. Cultural Considerations in Palliative Care; Carrie Cormack, Polly Mazanec, and Joan T. Panke; 38. Older Adult Patients in the Community; Carol O. Long; 39. Poor, Homeless and Underserved Populations; Caroline Olney, Sarah Stroe, and Anne Hughes; 40. Palliative Care for Patients with Mental Illness; John D. Chovan and Betty D. Morgan; 41. Palliative Care for People Living with HIV; Jacquelyn Slomka; 42. Caring for the Patient with Substance Use Disorder at the End of Life; Peggy Compton, Yu-Ping Chang, and Salimah Meghani; 43. Cancer Survivorship; Anne Reb and Denice Economou; 44. Veterans; Deborah Grassman; 45. Organ Donation; Lissi Hansen and Lauren F. Dunn; 46. Pulmonary Palliative Care; Patricia A. Maani-Fogelman and Ruby A. Weller; 47. Palliative Care in Heart Failure; J. Nicholas Dionne-Odom, Rachel Wells, and Keith M. Swetz; SECTION V; End-of-Life Care across Settings; 48. Improving the Quality of Care across All Settings; Marilyn Bookbinder, Romina Arceo, and James T. McDaniel; 49. Long-term Care: Focus on Nursing Homes; Joan Carpenter and Mary Ersek; 50. Palliative Care in the Community; Nancy Robertson and Barbara Sutton; 51. The Intensive Care Unit; Jennifer K. McAdam and Celine Gelinas; 52. Palliative Care Nursing in the Outpatient Setting; Pamela Stitzlein Davies and Kathleen Broglio; 53. Palliative Care in the Emergency Department; Rebecca Wright and Benjamin Roberts; 54. The Role of Nursing Caring for Patients Receiving Palliative Surgery or Chemotherapy; Virginia Sun, Tami Tittelfitz, and Marjorie J. Hein; 55. Rural Palliative Care; Richard A. Taylor, J. Nicholas Dionne-Odom, Erin R. Currie, Macy Stockdill, and Marie A. Bakitas; 56. The Role of PT, OT, and Other Therapies in Palliative Care for Seriously Ill Patients; Dennis Lin, Megan Borjan, Seanell D. San Andres, and Christina Kelly; 57. Value-Based Care; Finly Zachariah and William Dale; SECTION VI; Pediatric Palliative Care; 58. Symptom Management in Pediatric Palliative Care; Joan Jody Chrastek and Camara van Breemen; 59. Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care; Vanessa Battista and Gwenn LaRagione; 60. Pediatric Goals of Care: Leading through Uncertainty; Christina McDaniel and Jordan M. Desai; 61. End-of-Life Decision Making in Pediatric Oncology; Deborah A. Lafond and Katherine Patterson Kelly; 62. Palliative Care in the Perinatal Setting: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Labor and Delivery Unit; Cheryl Ann Thaxton, Diana Jacobson, Heather Murphy, and Tracey Whitley; 63. Grief and Bereavement in Perinatal and Pediatric Palliative Care; Rana Limbo, Kathie Kobler, and Betty Davies; 64. Pediatric Pain: Knowing the Child Before You; Juliana H. OBrien and Maggie C. Root; 65. Supporting Adolescents with a Parent in Hospice; Denice Sheehan, Dana Hansen, M. Murray Mayo, Diane Snyder Cowan, and Pamela Stephenson; 66. Use of Social Media as a Communication Tool for People with Serious Illness and Their Families; Dana Hansen, Amy Petrinec, and Nidal Harb; 67. Access to Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care; Lisa C. Lindley and Jessica Keim-Malpass; SECTION VII; Special Issues for the Nurse in End-of-Life Care; 68. The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse; Clareen Wiencek and Alexander Wolf; 69. Self-Care; Kathy G. Kravits; 70. Ethical Considerations in Palliative Care; Maryjo Prince-Paul and Barbara J. Daly; 71. Palliative Care and Requests for Assistance in Dying; Carey T. Ramirez, Kathleen Fundalinski, Judy Knudson, and John Himberger; 72. Nursing Education; Pam Malloy and Andra Davis; 73. Nursing Research; Terrah Foster Akard, Karen Hyden, and Mary Jo Gilmer; 74. Advocacy in Palliative Nursing: A Conceptual Model; Nessa Coyle and Timothy W. Kirk; 75. Global Palliative Care; Virginia LeBaron and Annette Galassi; 76. The Ethos of Palliative Nursing; Mark Lazenby and Michael Anthony Moore;
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