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Nursing in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Nursing in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

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This book considers the range of skills and roles that nurses now undertake within specialist CAMHS, it provides a good basic introduction for nurses and clinicians from other disciplines. Discussion around medication management as part of a nurses extended role is timely and will be of particular use to those considering this option within their practice. The text is easily accessible, utilising case studies to enhance learning. The inclusion of research and audit helps raise the need not only for nurses to be more involved in research but also the need for clinicians to evaluate their practice. I would recommend this text to clinicians new to CAMHS.
Sharon Pagett, Senior Lecturer, Mental Health (CAMHS), Department of Nursing, University of Central Lancashire

Nurses have a key role to play within the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team. Yet there are few textbooks devoted to the specialist and advanced roles which many undertake within this field of practice. This text will fill the void addressing legal and ethical issues while focusing upon clinical practice and the application of theoretical concepts.
Fiona Smith, Adviser in Childrens and Young Peoples Nursing, Royal College of Nursing

This book focuses on child and adolescent mental health (CAMH) for nurses training and working in this field. The authors explore the various roles CAMH nurses fulfil and consider how these roles might be undertaken with confidence.

Drawing upon both the academic evidence available, and grounded in the reality of clinical practice, the book looks at how to assess the different issues and the various interventions used in practice. The authors consider the effect of child and family development on mental health, as well as broader factors influencing mental health and well-being. Among the core issues considered are::

  • Definitions and consequences of mental health, illness and stigma
  • Child development
  • Legislative frameworks
  • Assessment skills
  • Therapeutic work:: individual counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, family work and medication
  • Clinical governance and supervision
  • Research
Chapters include case scenarios, clinical applications and boxes highlighting the key context issues.

Nursing in Child and Adolescent Mental Health is relevant to nurses at all levels, but is especially useful to postgraduate nurses and nurses in specialist child and adolescent mental health services (SCAMHS). Other professional staff will also find it useful.

Contributors:: Laurence Baldwin, P. Mani Das Gupta, Clay Frake, Neil Hemstock, Michael Hodgkinson, Sarah Hogan, Cath Kitchen, Peter Nolan, Theresa Norris, Ged Rogers, Noreen Ryan, Mervyn Townley, Panos Vostanis and Richard Williams.

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  • List of contributors


    Introduction Nisha Dogra and Sharon Leighton (editors)

    Chapter 1:: Defining mental health and mental illnessSharon Leighton & Nisha Dogra

    Chapter 2:: Child and family developmentMani Das Gupta & Clay Frake

    Chapter 3:: The aetiology of child mental health problemsNisha Dogra, Mani Das Gupta & Sharon Leighton

    Chapter 4 Legal and Ethical Considerations in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Sharon Leighton

    Chapter 5:: AssessmentNisha Dogra & Laurence Baldwin

    Chapter 6:: Counselling and the Therapeutic Use of SelfSharon Leighton

    Chapter 7:: Working with families Clay Frake

    Chapter 8:: Cognitive behavioural therapyMichael Hodgkinson

    Chapter 9:: Nurse Prescribing and Medication Management in CAMHS Noreen Ryan & Theresa Norris

    Chapter 10:: Inpatient CAMH nursing:: two different models of careSarah Hogan, Ged Rogers & Neil Hemstock

    Chapter 11:: Multiagency Working Sarah Hogan, Nisha Dogra & Cath Kitchen

    Chapter 12:: Working with vulnerable childrenVikki Elliott & Panos Vostanis

    Chapter 13:: Clinical governance, audit and supervisionNisha Dogra & Dee Davies

    Chapter 14:: Nurses and Child and Adolescent Mental Health ResearchSharon Leighton, Lawrence Baldwin & Peter Nolan

    Chapter 15:: Service DevelopmentRichard Williams & Mervyn Townley

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