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Leadership Development for Nurses and Midwives

Leadership Development for Nurses and Midwives

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This groundbreaking new text will help nurses and midwives develop their unique leadership capabilities for better care, no matter what their level of experience or where in the organizational hierarchy they work.

Edited by the CEO and Director of the prestigious Florence Nightingale Foundation and written by specialists in their field, the book focuses on the personal development required for nurses and midwives to become authentic leaders. It guides the reader through a range of innovative and novel perspectives on leadership development, with an emphasis on self-awareness and personal growth.

Leadership Development for Nurses and Midwives offers an exciting new perspective that is sure to maximize the individual and collective influence of nurses and midwives, and all that each has to offer.

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  • Florence Nightingale and The Foundation

Greta Westwood

Introduction to into the history and heritage of FNF including an account of how FNF are continuing the legacy of Florence Nightingale

Personality and performance in teams

Greta Westwood

Introduce concept of self and impact of self on others explored through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Explore the MBTI preference pairs and apply concepts to self through a range of experiential learning exercises

Consider the outcome of your MBTI self-assessment and questionnaire to identify areas for personal and team development.

Influencing change

Claire Henry Associates

Have an understanding improvement science methodology

Know how to apply the approach to your clinical situation as a leader

Develop plans to apply the approach to practice to define a change project

Building authority

HartRidge Leadership Consultancy

Improved personal awareness, influence and capabilities to deal with the challenges and demands of leadership role.

Increased confidence and ability to speak up and be heard.

Improved personal impact that can support inclusion, patient centred, and compassionate care.

Develop your own personal approach to leadership - exploring values, biases, blind spots, and attitude to diversity.

Confidence to tackle real workplace issues, reflecting what is needed in the clinical setting to promote safe, high-performing, and continuous improvement.

Improved skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to succeed and operate successfully in clinical setting.

Developing presence and having impact

Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

Gaining self-awareness of their own style of how they communicate and learning to flex this as needed

Understanding transactional analysis and behavioural preferences, and the opportunity to try out different behavioural preferences in a safe environment

Learning how to inspire others

Developing leadership skills to use amongst their own team so that they can prepare future leaders and empower the good people around them

Building the ability to influence through their own confidence, presence and authenticity, and learning to create trust

Learning how to deal with things like imposter syndrome and the fear of getting things wrong

Understanding how to build ones own resilience and tools for staying effective under pressure

The experience of rehearsing responses to behaviours they find challenging through the medium of forum theatre

Sharing of best communications practice and examples of relationship building

Building a network of colleagues which will lead to creating bright spots within the NHS, thus enabling greater opportunities to have influence in their area and light fires

Gaining political acumen and enabling influence

Edan & Partners

Better understand the politics that affect them, in whatever sector they work.

The big P politics of Westminster, Whitehall and regional or local government

The small p organisational politics that are so vital to understand and navigate. Understanding the policy making and political process and how to influence makes decision-makers tick.

Digital Health Leadership

College of Healthcare Information Management Executives - Digital Health Leadership

Enable nurses to work at the top of their licence by using health IT to transform their practice.

To be advocates for IT adoption in a health and care setting and be confident justifying IT spend,

Designing strategies and encouraging adaptive change from their colleagues.

Demonstrating expertise through disseminating practice

Gemma Stacey

Explore motivations and barriers to writing for publication

Consider the benefits of dissemination in relation to building a profile as an expert/ authority in a particular field.

Identify practical strategies for initiating the dissemination process

Creating psychologically safe spaces/Peer group coaching

Gemma Stacey

Learning how to work in a small group with colleagues, and through a structured questioning/ listening approach, effectively work on real problems being faced;

Developing individuals learning experience, so personal awareness of potential changed behaviours that may be possible in tackling problems, is increased;

Increasing individuals understanding of personal effectiveness and personal power.

Conclusions - returning to continuing Florences legacy

Gemma Stacey and Greta Westwood

Revision of key messages from introductory chapter

Summary of how content of book relates to continuing Florences legacy
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