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Nursing the Acutely ill Adult: Case Book

Nursing the Acutely ill Adult: Case Book

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<?xml::namespace prefix = o ns = urn::schemas-microsoft-com::office::office />“This textbook is much needed in the current context of increased patient acuity and bed occupancy, shorter hospital stays, and the new work being done in the area of early recognition of the deteriorating patient.”

Barbara ODonnell, Chief ODP, Guys Hospital, London

Nursing the Acutely ill Adult is a comprehensive text … Each chapter draws on the clinical and academic expertise of the author and follows a structured approach that explores the case problems, altered physiology and nursing interventions and care.

It is an ideal reference resource for nurses who wish to reflect and explore the evidence base underpinning the complexities of nursing acutely ill adults.
Alison Eddleston, Senior Lecturer Acute, Operative and Critical Care, School of Health, University of Central Lancashire, UK

This informative case-based book encourages the reader to critically consider the assessment and care needed by acutely ill adult patients with a variety of underlying conditions. Nursing and other healthcare students … should find that the book helps with the development of an integrated mindset and evidence-based decision making.
Janice Christie, Senior Lecturer in Public Health and Primary Care, City University London, UK

The book will enable practitioners to approach the assessment of patients with a range of acute conditions in a structured manner. The case scenarios are very realistic and there are good explanations of underlying patho-physiology. There is also a well structured explanation of investigations and priority interventions … This book will enable the development of expertise in assessment and prioritising of care in a range of settings.
Laurence Leonard, Senior Lecturer, Kingston University and St Georges, University of London, UK

The complexity of caring for patients who become acutely ill or have deteriorated can be a daunting challenge for nurses. Part of a case book series, this accessible book contains 17 in-depth case studies relating to care of the acutely ill adult. The cases combine pathophysiology, pharmacology and nursing care in realistic clinical settings, providing an engaging resource for nursing students taking acute care modules.

This handy book::

  • Follows a step-by-step question and answer format
  • Facilitates the application of theory to practice through the use of clinical case studies
  • Considers the most common acute illness scenarios that are frequently encountered by practitioners
  • Integrates knowledge of pathological processes, applied pharmacology and related nursing implications to acute illness
Nursing the Acutely Ill Adult:: Case Book offers a unique way of relating theory to practice, making it key reading for undergraduate nursing students. It will also be beneficial to students in areas such as intensive care as well as nurse educators looking for a way to bridge the gap between the classroom and clinical practice.

Contributors:: Patrick Gallagher, Niall McKenna, Billie Joan Rice.

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172 x 242
  • Section 1:: Cardiovascular System
    Case Study 1:: Acute Coronary Syndrome
    Case Study 2:: Acute Heart Failure

    Section 2:: Respiratory System
    Case Study 3:: Acute Exacerbation of Asthma
    Case Study 4:: Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease
    Case Study 5:: Pulmonary Embolism

    Section 3:: Renal System
    Case Study 6:: Acute Kidney Injury

    Section 4:: Neurological System
    Case Study 7:: Head Injury
    Case Study 8:: Acute Stroke
    Case Study 9:: Status Epilepticus

    Section 5:: Digestive System
    Case Study 10:: Acute Abdomen
    Case Study 11:: Acute Pancreatitis

    Section 6:: Endocrine System
    Case Study 12:: Diabetic Ketoacidosis

    Section 7:: Musculoskeletal System
    Case Study 13:: Acute Trauma - Fracture

    Section 8:: Multiple Interacting Systems
    Case Study 14:: Shock - Hypovolaemic
    Case Study 15:: Shock - Sepsis
    Case Study 16:: Shock - Anaphylactic
    Case Study 17:: Burns

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