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So you want to be a brain surgeon?

So you want to be a brain surgeon?

The essential guide to medical careers

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A medical degree opens many doors, but how do you decide which is the right one to go through? Whether you are wondering how to choose a career or want to know how to follow a particular path, youll find the answers in this book.Deciding which medical career to pursue has a huge impact on your future, and yet few doctors or medical students ever receive formal careers advice. Fortunately help is at hand:: this book has been fully rewritten to include the latest information on training and career progression, as well as summaries of over 100 different careers open to medical graduates.Whether you aspire to be a general practitioner, medical manager, forensic pathologist or even a brain surgeon, youll find details on the job, lifestyle, and specific career route. Each career chapter has been written by specialists in their field to give you a unique insiders opinion, resulting in the most complete and up to date medical careers guide ever published.Alongside the careers chapters there are new and updated sections on the Foundation Programme, Core Training, Specialty Training, and Academic Training. These describe the major hurdles in each area and how to overcome them. In addition, alternatives and adaptations to formal training are explored, including taking time out, working outside the UK, and working less than full time. From choosing jobs and filling application forms, to interviews and improving your CV, this book covers everyaspect in detail.
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OUP Oxford


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156 x 234
  • 1. Career routes- the usual route; Career overview; Foundation programme; Specialty training; Membership exams; Consultant; General practitioner; 2. Career routes- alternative routes; Specialty and associate specialist (SAS) doctors; Alternatives to a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT); Switching career paths; Academic career; Armed Forces career; Off the beaten path and portfolio careers; Overseas career; Leaving clinical medicine; 3. Specialty overviews; Introduction; Acute care common stem (ACCS); Anaesthetics; General practice (GP); Medical specialties; Obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G); Paediatrics; Pathology; Psychiatry; Public health; Radiology; Surgery; Surgery continued; 4. Choosing careers and getting jobs; Choosing a career; Finding jobs; Surviving the recruitment system; Interviews and selection centres; What happens next?; Competition for CT1/ST1 applications; Competition for ST3/ST4 applications; Staying competitive; Curriculum vitae (CV); Portfolios and ePortfolios; Applying for academic training; Applying from overseas; 5. Training and working in medical careers; Postgraduate training:: Modernising Medical Careers (MMC); Postgraduate training:: Shape of Training (SoT); Overseeing education; Less than full time training; Doctors pay; Taking time out; Working abroad; Discrimination; Women in medicine; Myths debunked; 6. Career chapters; Academic medicine; Academic surgery; Acute medicine; Allergy; Anaesthetics; Armed Forces:: Army; Armed Forces:: Royal Air Force; Armed Forces:: Royal Navy; Audiovestibular medicine; Aviation and space medicine; Bariatric and metabolic surgery; Cardiology; Cardiothoracic surgery; Chemical pathology; Clinical genetics; Clinical neurophysiology; Clinical oncology; Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics; Dermatology; Diving and hyperbaric medicine; Elderly medicine; Emergency medicine; Emergency medicine:: paediatrics; Emergency medicine:: pre-hospital care; Endocrinology and diabetes; ENT (otolaryngology); Expedition medicine; Fertility medicine; Forensic medicine; Forensic pathology; Gastroenterology; General practice (GP); GP:: Academic; GP:: Private practice; GP:: Rural setting; GP:: Secure environments; GP with Extended Roles; General surgery; Genitourinary medicine; Gynaecological oncology; Haematology; Hand surgery; Histopathology; Immunology; Infectious diseases and tropical medicine; Intensive care; Locuming; Media medicine; Medical education; Medical entrepreneur; Medical ethics; Medical management consultancy; Medical manager; Medical microbiology; Medical oncology; Medical politics; Medecins Sans Fronti?res (MSF); Medico-legal adviser; Metabolic medicine; National healthcare policy & leadership; Neonatal medicine; Neurology; Neurosurgery; Nuclear medicine; Obstetric medicine; Obstetrics & gynaecology; Occupational medicine; Oncoplastic breast surgery; Ophthalmology; Oral & maxillofacial surgery; Orthopaedic surgery; Paediatric surgery; Paediatrics; Paediatrics:: Cardiology; Paediatrics:: Community; Pain management; Palliative medicine; Pharmaceutical medicine; Plastic and reconstructive surgery; Psychiatry:: child and adolescent; Psychiatry:: general adult; Psychiatry:: intellectual disability; Psychiatry:: old age; Psychiatry:: psychotherapy; Public health; Radiology:: diagnostic; Radiology:: interventional; Rehabilitation medicine; Renal medicine; Respiratory medicine; Rheumatology; Sexual and reproductive healthcare; Spine surgery; Sport and exercise medicine; Transfusion medicine; Transplant medicine; Transplant surgery; Trauma surgery; Urogynaecology; Urology; Vascular surgery; Virology; Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO);
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