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Video Atlas of Neurophysiological Monitoring in Surgery of Infiltrating Brain Tumors

Video Atlas of Neurophysiological Monitoring in Surgery of Infiltrating Brain Tumors

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A practical and succinct guide to neurophysiological monitoring for safer brain tumor surgery

The surgical treatment of infiltrating brain tumors is an extremely challenging and often highly rewarding facet of neurosurgery. The decision-making process involves deeply human interconnections with patients and relatives, cutting-edge neuroscience, and fascinating technology. Video Atlas of Neurophysiological Monitoring in Surgery of Infiltrating Brain Tumors by renowned oncological neurosurgeon Michael Sabel and esteemed contributors demonstrates the practical applications of neurophysiological monitoring to achieve safe removal of infiltrating brain tumors in asleep and awake settings.

Organized in three primary parts, the book starts with an introduction including a discussion of the impact and challenges posed by infiltrating gliomas and cerebral metastases and the philosophy behind supramarginal resection. The second part covers critical theoretical components including relevant anatomy, nervous system electricity and fields, transcranial monitoring methods and principles, and direct cortical and subcortical mapping including awake brain surgery. The final part provides insightful, practical guidance on decision making, monitoring set-up, planning of surgical cases, and a summary of accompanying videos.

Key Highlights

  • Discussion of impacted anatomy, physiology of the neural pathways monitored in brain tumor surgery, and key neurophysiological techniques for monitoring and testing during resection
  • Instructive illustrations coupled with concise explanations enhance knowledge and facilitate understanding of techniques
  • Fifteen videos covering real-life intraoperative cases provide in-depth insights on applying IONM principles to infiltrating brain tumors

This is an essential resource for any neurosurgeon involved or interested in brain tumor surgery, from residents and fellows to board-certified neurosurgeons not yet trained in this field.

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https:://medone.thieme.com.

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Georg Thieme


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170.18 x 240.03
  • Part A:: Introduction
    1 The Scope of This Book
    2 The Challenge to Treat Infiltrating Brain Tumors
    3 The Impact of Lesionectomy on the Prognosis of Infiltrating Intracerebral Tumors
    4 The Philosophy Behind Supramarginal Resection:: Functionality Becomes the Limit
    Part B:: The Theoretical Part
    5 The Relevant Anatomy of the Functional Systems
    6 What You Need to Know About Electricity
    7 Transcranial Monitoring—Methods to Monitor CNS Functions:: Principles
    8 Direct Cortical and Subcortical Mapping
    9 Checklist for Awake Procedure
    Part C:: The Practical Part
    10 Introduction to the Practical Part
    11 Finding the Indication for Surgery
    12 Setting up the Monitoring
    13 The Surgery
    14 Summary:: Key Features from the Video
    15 Epilogue

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