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An Activity of Mind and Brain

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Memory is typically thought of as a set of neural representations - memory traces - that must be found and reactivated in order to be experienced. It is often suggested that memory traces are represented by a hierarchically organized system of analyzers, modified, sharpened and differentiated by encounters with successive events. Remembering:: An activity of mind and brain is the magnum opus of one of the leading figures in the psychology of memory. It sets out Fergus Craiks current view of human memory as a dynamic activity of mind and brain. The author argues that remembering should be understood as a system of active cognitive processes, similar to (perhaps identical to) the processes underlying attending, perceiving and thinking. Thus, encoding processes are essentially viewed as the mental activitiesinvolved in perceiving and understanding, and retrieval is described as the partial reactivation of these same processes. This account proposes that episodic and semantic memory should be thought of as levels in a continuum of specificity rather than as separate systems of memory. In addition, the book presents Craiks views on working memory and on age-related memory impairments. In the latter case the losses are attributed largely to a difficulty with the self-initiation of appropriate encoding and retrieval operations compensated, when needed, by support from the external environment. The development of these ideas is discussed throughout the book and illustrated substantially by experiments from the authors lab, but also by empirical and theoretical contributionsfrom other researchers. A broad account of current ideas and findings in contemporary memory research, but viewed from the authors personal theoretical standpoint, Remembering:: An activity of mind and brain will be essential for researchers, graduate and postdoctoral students working in the field of human memory.
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OUP Oxford


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  • Levels of Processing:: Development of an idea; Processing views of remembering - A brief historical survey; Remembering:: A personal view; Encoding and encoding-retrieval interactions; Retrieval Processes; From short-term memory to working memory:: Evolution of a construct; Aging I:: Early studies and theoretical views; Aging II:: Later empirical work; Neuroimaging Studies; Final Reflections and Future Trends;
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