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Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine

Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine

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Use THE definitive reference for laboratory medicine and clinical pathology! Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine, 7th Edition provides the guidance necessary to select, perform, and evaluate the results of new and established laboratory tests. Comprehensive coverage includes the latest advances in topics such as clinical chemistry, genetic metabolic disorders, molecular diagnostics, hematology and coagulation, clinical microbiology, transfusion medicine, and clinical immunology. From a team of expert contributors led by Nader Rifai, this reference includes access to wide-ranging online resources on Expert Consult - featuring the comprehensive product with fully searchable text, regular content updates, animations, podcasts, over 1300 clinical case studies, lecture series, and more.

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  • 1 Laboratory Medicine

    2 Statistical Methodologies in Laboratory Medicine

    3 Quality Management in the Clinical Laboratory

    4 Specimen Collection and Handling

    5 Preanalytical Variations and Preexamination Processes

    6 Quality Control

    7 NEW! Standardization and Harmonization

    8 Biological Variations

    9 Reference Intervals

    10 Evidenced-Based Lab Medicine

    11 Biobanking

    12 Lab Support of Pharmaceutical, In Vitro Diagnostics and Epidemiologic Studies

    13 NEW! Machine Learning and Big Data

    14 NEW! Utilization of Laboratory Tests

    15 Lab Safety

    16 Optical Techniques

    17 Electrochemistry and Chemical Sensors

    18 Electrophoresis

    19 Chromatography

    20 Mass Spectrometry

    21 Sample Preparation for Mass Spectrometry Applications

    22 Mass Spectrometry Applications in Infectious Disease

    23 Mass Spectrometry for Small Molecule

    24 Proteomics

    25 Enzyme and Rate Analysis

    26 Immunochemical Techniques

    27 Microfabrication and Microfluidics

    28 Cytometry

    29 Automation in the Clinical Lab

    30 Point-of-Care Testing

    31 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins

    32 Serum Enzymes

    33 Tumor Markers

    34 Kidney Function Tests

    35 Carbohydrates

    36 Lipids and Lipoproteins

    37 Electrolytes and Blood Gases

    38 Hormones

    39 Vitamins and Trace Elements

    40 Iron Metabolism

    41 Porphyrins and Porphyrias

    42 Therapeutic Drug Management

    43 Clinical Toxicology

    44 Toxic Elements

    45 Body Fluids

    46 Nutrition

    47 Diabetes Mellitus

    48 Cardiac Function

    49 Kidney Disease

    50 Disorders of Water, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base Metabolism

    51 Liver Disease

    52 Gastric, Pancreatic & Intestinal Function

    53 Monoamine Producing Tumors

    54 Bone and Mineral Metabolism

    55 Pituitary Function

    56 Adrenal Cortex

    57 Thyroid Disorders

    58 Reproductive Endocrinology

    59 Pregnancy and its Disorders

    60 Newborn Screening and Inborn Errors of Metabolism (Small Molecules)

    61 Newborn Screening and Inborn Errors of Metabolism (Large Molecules)

    62 Principles of Molecular Biology

    63 Nucleic Acid Isolation

    64 Nucleic Acid Techniques

    65 Genomes, Variants, and Massively Paralleled Methods

    66 NEW! Clinical Genome Sequencing

    67 Molecular Microbiology

    68 Genetics

    69 Solid Tumors

    70 NEW! Hematopathology

    71 Circulating Tumor Cells and Circulating Nucleic Acids in Oncology

    72 Circulating Nucleic Acids for Prenatal Diagnostics

    73 Pharmacogenetics

    74 Hemostasis

    75 NEW! Hemoglobin and Hemoglobinopathies

    76 Automated Hematology

    77 Red Blood Cell Morphology and Indices with Clinical Chemistry Interface

    78 NEW! White Blood Cell Morphology

    79 NEW! Platelets

    80 NEW! Enzymes of the RBC

    81 NEW! Overview of Infectious Disease

    82 NEW! The Role of the Clinical Laboratory in Infection Prevention and Antimicrobial Stewardship

    83 Bacteriology

    84 Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

    85 Mycobacteriology

    86 Mycology

    87 Parasitology

    88 Virology

    89 Blood Groups and Pretransfusion Testing

    90 Blood Components, Products Modifications, and Blood Donor Screening

    91 NEW! Indications for Transfusion: RBCs, platelets, plasma, and cryoprecipitate

    92 NEW! Transfusion reactions/adverse events associated with transfusion

    93 NEW! Allergy Testing

    94 NEW! Immunogenicity of Biologics

    95 NEW! Systemic Autoimmune Disease (ANA testing, RF, CCP, antibodies, etc.

    96 NEW! Primary and secondary immunodeficiencies

    97 NEW! Transplant

    98 NEW! Immunogenetics

    Appendix Reference Information for the Clinical Laboratory

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