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CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2022

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2022

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The most popular annual guide of its kind—fully revised and updated to reflect all new clinical developments in every field of medicine

For 60+ years, CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment?the flagship volume of the renowned Lange medical series?has been delivering the authoritative information students, residents, and clinicians need to build their medical knowledge, expertise, and confidence. Written by top experts in their fields, this unmatched guide is formatted in a way that enables you to find the answers you need quickly and easily. 

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2022 focuses completely on solving practical bedside clinical issues without spending too much time on pathophysiology. It includes full review of all primary care topics, including gynecology, obstetrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, psychiatry, neurology, toxicology, and urology. Youll find everything you need to know about inpatient and outpatient care, along the with the most relevant diagnostic tools for day-to-day practice.


  • 320 images
  • Hundreds of quick-access drug treatment tables, with indexed tradenames and updated drug prices
  • Includes an annual review of advances in HIV treatment
  • Includes Essentials of Diagnosis for most diseases/disorders
  • Diagnostic/treatment algorithms present critical information in an at-a-glance format
  • Up-to-date references provide peer-reviewed, evidence-based information
  • Electronic only chapters available to all book customers, not just to CMDT online subscribers
  • Expanded chapter content available online and in online version for all chapter content

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185 x 252
  • Preface
    1. Disease Prevention & Health Promotion
    2. Common Symptoms
    3. Preoperative Evaluation & Perioperative Management
    4. Geriatric Disorders
    5. Palliative Care & Pain Management
    6. Dermatologic Disorders
    7. Disorders of the Eyes & Lids
    8. Ear, Nose, & Throat Disorders
    9. Pulmonary Disorders
    10. Heart Disease
    11. Systemic Hypertension
    12. Blood Vessel & Lymphatic Disorders
    13. Blood Disorders
    14. Disorders of Hemostasis, Thrombosis, & Antithrombotic Therapy
    15. Gastrointestinal Disorders
    16. Liver, Biliary Tract, & Pancreas Disorders
    17. Breast Disorders
    18. Gynecologic Disorders
    19. Obstetrics & Obstetric Disorders
    20. Rheumatologic, Immunologic, & Allergic Disorders
    21. Electrolyte & Acid-Base Disorders
    22. Kidney Disease
    23. Urologic Disorders
    24. Nervous System Disorders
    25. Psychiatric Disorders
    26. Endocrine Disorders
    27. Diabetes Mellitus & Hypoglycemia
    28. Lipid Disorders
    29. Nutritional Disorders & Obesity
    30. Common Problems in Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial Therapy
    31. HIV Infection & AIDS
    32. Viral & Rickettsial Infections
    33. Bacterial & Chlamydial Infections
    34. Spirochetal Infections
    35. Protozoal & Helminthic Infections
    36. Mycotic Infections
    37. Disorders Related to Environmental Emergencies
    38. Poisoning
    39. Cancer
    40. Genetic & Genomic Disorders
    41. Orthopedic Disorders & Sports Medicine
    42. Sexual & Gender, & Minority Health
    Year in Review:: Key Clinical Updates in CMDT 2022
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