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Sex and Pregnancy: From Evidence-Based Medicine to Dr Google

Sex and Pregnancy: From Evidence-Based Medicine to Dr Google

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Pregnant women and their partners often ask healthcare professionals whether sex is safe during pregnancy, and what consequences may result from sexual activity. Many clinicians can also be unsure of the answers to these type of questions, leading to both patient and clinician resorting to the internet for advice, which can be inaccurate and anxiety-inducing. Here, the authors provide clinicians with an insight into the information offered by Dr Google so that they can reassure and advise their patients as necessary. Aimed at obstetricians and other physicians caring for pregnant women, this book reviews the implications of sex during pregnancy such as those complicated by medical conditions, those at risk of preterm birth and multiple pregnancies. Other chapters cover physiological changes during pregnancy that may affect sexual function and intimacy, as well as the differing guidelines provided by various global obstetric societies.
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  • Section 1. General issues; 1. From sex for reproduction to reproduction without sex Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Valentina Tosto, Valentina Tsibizova and Giuseppe Benagiano; 2. Sex in pregnancy:: beyond reproduction David Gomez Sanchez, Carlos Lopez Ramon y Cajal and Maria Luisa Morales Serrano; 3. Physiology of pregnancy as related to sex Silvia Barras Bermejo and Pablo Tobias Gonzalez; 4. Does orgasm affect fetal well-being? Ayelet Dangot, Eliane Rozanes and Ariel Many; 5. Demographics of sexual behaviour in pregnancy Hanna R. Goldberg and Karthika Davarajan; 6. Sexual practices during pregnancy in different cultures Rachel Spitzer and Jenny Yang; 7. What do obstetric guidelines say? Vered B. Lamhot, Ola Gutzeit and Dana Vitner; 8. Using the internet to educate on sex and pregnancy:: grading internet information Noa Gilad, Yariv Yogev and Michael Lavie; Section 2. Specific issues; 9. Sex and assisted reproductive technologies Crystal Chan and Trish Dinh; 10. The male partners perspective Marcos Lujan Galan; 11. Sex in the first trimester Kirsten M. Niles; 12. Sex in the second and third trimesters Rita Zlatkin and Hadar Rosen; 13. Sex with bleeding in the first trimester Hugo Madar, Aurelien Mattuizii, Hanane Bouchghoul and Lo?c Sentilhes; 14. Sex with bleeding in the second and third trimester Hisham T. Nasief, Duaa M. Mohammed Bahkali and Lawrence W. Oppenheimer; 15. Short cervix and sex Yara Maia Villar de Carvalho, Francisco Marcelo Carvalho, Beatriz Maria Villar de Carvalho and Eduardo Borges da Fonseca; 16. Preterm birth and sex Julia Burd and Vincenzo Berghella; 17. Multiple pregnancies and sex Hayley Lipworth, Jon F. R. Barrett and Nir Melamed; 18. Special pregnancies and sex Evangelia Vlachodimitropoulou Koumoutsea and Cynthia Maxwell; 19. Air embolism related to sex in pregnancy and the postpartum Dina Mohamed, Mohamed Momtaz and Dan Farine; 20. Pelvic and ovarian masses during pregnancy Elisa Moreno Palacios and Pablo Tobias Gonzalez; 21. Sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy Maria Serrano Velasco and Cristina Gonzalez Benitez; 22. Sex for induction of labour Jazleen Dada and Stefania Ronzoni; 23. Nipple stimulation during pregnancy Doron Kabiri, Gali Gordon and Yossef Ezra; 24. Sex during postpartum:: why the six-week break? E. Shirin Dason, Abi Kirubarajan and Mara Sobel; 25. Sex after pelvic floor injuries Maria del Mar Mu?oz Mu?iz, Sara Serrano Velayos and angeles Leal Garcia; 26. Miscarriages, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths and sex Orli Silverberg and Dan Farine.
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