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The REACH OUT Caregiver Support Program

The REACH OUT Caregiver Support Program

A Skills Training Program for Caregivers of Persons with Dementia, Clinician Guide

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Older adults increasingly rely on family members or friends (i.e., informal caregivers) for needed care and support as they age. Family caregivers typically assume their caregiving role willingly and reap personal fulfilment from helping a loved one, developing new skills, and strengthening family relationships. For these benefits, however, caregivers often sacrifice their own health and well-being. Depression, anxiety, poor physical health, and compromised immune function are morecommon among family caregivers than in adults not providing such care. The REACH OUT Caregiver Support Program offers a multi-component, tailored, and flexible intervention for caregivers of people with dementia that is focused on the evidence-based therapeutic strategy of problem solving. This practical volume is designed to guide clinicians through the process of implementing REACH OUT (Resources for Enhancing Alzheimers Caregiver Health:: Offering Useful Treatments) and to provide them with necessary tools to share with caregivers, with the goal ofenhancing caregiver physical and mental health. Five common risk areas (home safety, caregiver health, social support, challenging behaviors, and emotional well-being) are described in the manual, and interventions are outlined that respect the nuances of each risk area. By beginning with an individualized riskassessment and being flexible to the needs and issues of the caregiver, the REACH OUT intervention helps clinicians identify risk areas and provides caregivers with tailored action plans to reduce risk and promote well-being.
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  • Chapter 1:: Development And Overview; Chapter 2:: Risk Appraisal And Action Plans; Chapter 3:: Risk Area 1:: Home Safety; Chapter 4:: Risk Area 2:: Keeping The Caregiver Physically Healthy; Chapter 5:: Risk Area 3:: Caregiver Emotional Well-Being; Chapter 6:: Risk Area 4:: Managing Challenging Behaviors; Chapter 7:: Risk Area 5:: Social Support; Chapter 8:: Filling In The Gaps; APPENDICES; Appendix A:: Caregiver Notebook; Appendix B:: Generic Problem-Solving Form:: Action Plan Template; Appendix C:: Sample Challenging Behavior Action Plans; Appendix D:: REACH OUT Home Safety Checklist; Appendix E:: Healthy Lifestyle Guide; Appendix F:: REACH OUT Pleasant Events Summary Form; Appendix G:: ABCs of Challenging Behaviors; Appendix H:: Supplemental Material for Deciding Risk Priority; Appendix I:: Adverse Events; Appendix J:: REACH OUT Clinician Treatment Implementation and Tracking Checklists;
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