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Bioactive Nutraceuticals for Brain Disorders

Bioactive Nutraceuticals for Brain Disorders

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Over the past several years research concerning brain health and nutraceuticals has received much attention due to their potential neuroprotective properties and few or no side effects. Nutraceuticals exert copious effects in several biological processes, including antioxidant defences, cell proliferation and differentiation, gene expression, signal transduction, and safeguarding of mitochondrial integrity. It is very likely that the brain health of an individual is affected by his or her dietary pattern. Intake of a well-nourished diet in the earliest stages of life builds a strong foundation of the brain which helps to maintain brain health in later stages of life. On the other hand, nutritional deficiency can disrupt the structure and function of the human nervous system and increases the risk of brain disorders and early death, affecting all age groups. Although nutraceuticals are popular for health, wellbeing, and illness, the efficacy of common supplements to combat brain disorders is not clearly understood. Bioactive Nutraceuticals for Brain Disorders aims to describe the importance of nutraceutical intervention on different brain disorders to highlight the therapeutic as well as preventive potential.
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  • Preface; Nutrition and Nutraceuticals for Ageing Brain; Functional Foods for Brain Health; Food and Nutrition for Brain Development; Bioactive Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Neurodegeneration; Nutraceuticals for Alzheimers Disease; Nutraceuticals for Parkinsons Disease; Nutraceuticals: As an Alternative Therapy for Huntingtons Disease; Nutraceuticals for Multiple Sclerosis; Bioactive Flavonoids as Neuroprotective in Brain Disorders; Nutraceuticals in Neuroinflammatory Disorders; Nutraceuticals in the Management of Mental Disorders; Nutraceuticals and Nutritional Supplements in Schizophrenia; Nutrition and Nutraceuticals for Brain Cancer; Nutraceuticals for Stroke Protection; Index.
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