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The Prevention and Treatment of Disease with a Plant-Based Diet: Evidence-based articles to guide the physician

The Prevention and Treatment of Disease with a Plant-Based Diet: Evidence-based articles to guide the physician

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The prevention and treatment of disease with a plant-based diet now has a scientific foundation and is considered evidence-based medicine. Yet few physicians are making use of this valuable prophylaxis and treatment. One reason is that no textbook had been written to guide the practicing physician on how to prescribe a plant-based diet to their patients. This book meets the needs of the practicing physician and includes 25 articles recently published in peer-review journals, and all fully documented with both epidemiological and interventional studies. • A wide variety of pathologies, including:: - Breast Cancer - Chronic Kidney disease - Colorectal cancer - Coronary Artery disease - Crohns disease - Diverticular disease - Fibromyalgia - Gall stones - Hashimotos and Graves diseases - Osteoarthritis - Prostate cancer - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Stroke - Type II Diabetes • Clinical considerations, including office visit strategies, titration of medications, lab work needed, and enhancing patient compliance • Case studies demonstrating the efficacy of a plant-based diet Both as a treatment or prophylaxis the plant-based diet has no side effects, adverse reactions and no contraindications. It can be used as a monotherapy or as an adjunct to medication and surgery. It can also treat several comorbidities at once. Treating patients with a plant-based diet has the advantage of being a very low-cost method of treatment, while being highly effective, thus saving patients money and saving the physicians valuable time.
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