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Neuroscience for Dentistry

Neuroscience for Dentistry

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A practical, reader-friendly guide for dental students on the neuroscience of the orofacial region

Understanding neural mechanisms that control orofacial pain, proper masticatory function, taste, speech, swallowing, and proprioceptive input to the temporomandibular joint and teeth is an important facet of dentistry. Neuroscience of Dentistry by renowned educators Barbara J. OKane and Laura C. Barritt provides foundational knowledge on these topics. The text integrates fundamental concepts of general neuroscience with vital information on neural mechanisms of the orofacial region and associated pain pathways.

The book is organized in two parts covering basic neuroscience and orofacial neuroscience. Part one is subdivided into four units on the central nervous system, brain and spinal cord gross anatomy, sensory systems, and motor systems. Part two features three units focused on orofacial structures and tissues, dental structures, and orofacial pain and anesthesia. Each generously illustrated, succinctly written, and consistently formatted chapter includes an introductory overview and learning objectives.

Key Highlights

  • Throughout the book, relevant clinical correlations emphasize the relationship between basic neuroscience and clinical practice
  • Concise, high-yield illustrations, schematics, charts, and tables enhance understanding of general and orofacial neuroanatomy concepts
  • Helpful overviews at the beginning of each chapter highlight key concepts
  • National board style questions at the end of each chapter emphasize board-relevant information that enables self-study

This is a must-have resource for dental students taking neuroscience during their first or second year of dental school. It will also benefit other health science and dental hygiene students, as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery residents.

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https:://medone.thieme.com.

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Georg Thieme


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  • Part I Basic Neuroscience
    Unit I Central Nervous System
    1 Organization of the Nervous System
    2 Development of the Nervous System
    3 Neurohistology
    4 Neurophysiology
    Unit II Gross Anatomy of Brain and Spinal Cord
    5 Gross Topography of the Brain
    6 Blood Supply of the Brain
    7 Ventricles and Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)
    8 The Meninges
    9 Cranial Nerves
    10 Gross Anatomy of the Spinal Cord
    Unit III Sensory Systems
    11 Anatomical Receptors and Nerve Fibers
    12 Somatosensory Systems Part I—Somatosensory Pathways of Body
    13 Somatosensory Systems Part II—Somatosensory Pathways of Head
    14 Pain
    15 Special Senses
    Unit IV Motor Systems
    16 Direct Activation Pathways
    17 Indirect Activation Pathways
    18 Integrated Systems
    Part II Orofacial Neuroscience
    Unit V Review of Orofacial Structures and Tissues
    19 Development and Organization of Oropharyngeal Region
    20 Overview of Orofacial Pathways Part I—Trigeminal and Facial Nerves
    21 Overview of Orofacial Pathways Part II—Glossopharyngeal, Vagus, and Hypoglossal Nerves
    22 Neuromuscular Control of Mastication, Swallowing, and Speech
    Unit VI Dental-related Structures
    23 Temporomandibular Joint
    24 Salivary Glands
    25 Teeth
    Unit VII Orofacial Pain and Dental Anesthesia
    26 Orofacial Pain
    27 Local Anesthesia:: Intraoral Injections
    Appendix:: Compilation of Muscles Involved in Chapter 22

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