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Rehabilitation and Remediation of Internationally Adopted Children

Rehabilitation and Remediation of Internationally Adopted Children

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This book presents specific methods for the physical rehabilitation, mental health restoration, and academic remediation of post-institutionalized international adoptees. The focus of the book is on the neurological, psychological, and educational consequences of complex childhood trauma in the context of a fundamental change in the social situation of development of former orphanage residents. A discussion of after-adoption traumatic experiences includes a critique of certain conventional approaches to the treatment of mental health issues and different disabilities in international adoptees. Using his 30-year background in research and clinical practice, the author expertly describes and analyses a range of methodologies in order to provide an integrated and practical system of scaffolding and compensation for the successful rehabilitation and remediation of children with ongoing traumatic experiences. This is essential reading for researchers and practicing clinicians concerned with childhood trauma, remedial education, and issues of international adoption.
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152 x 229
  • 1. Internationally adopted children: Development mediated by early childhood trauma; 2. Developmental, neuro-psychological, psycho-educational and dynamic assessments of internationally adopted children; 3. Differential diagnoses and the structure of school-based recommendations for internationally adopted children; 4. Developmental trauma disorder rehabilitation in internationally adopted children; 5. Cognitive remediation of internationally adopted children in school and family; 6. Language remediation in internationally adopted children; 7. Academic remediation of internationally adopted children; 8. Creation of social and cultural competence in internationally adopted children; 9. Therapeutic parenting as a major force in rehabilitation and remediation of internationally adopted children; 10. Transitioning to adulthood using the individual transitional plan; Conclusion: The art of the possible: recovery after trauma; References; Appendix; Index.
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