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Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital for PDA

Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital for PDA

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The newly revised Seventh Edition of the best-selling handbook, Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital, is available in PDA format. This easy-to-navigate handheld reference provides instant access to current, comprehensive, concise, consistent, and clinically relevant guidelines for anesthesia procedures throughout the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative periods and in the ICU. Coverage includes a comprehensive, alphabetical drug appendix, adult and pediatric resuscitation guidelines, an anesthesia machine checklist, and information on complementary and alternative medicine and end-of-life issues. This edition includes new information on quality assessment, patient safety, the electronic medical record, and new techniques and medications.
Platform:: Palm OS, Windows CE, and Pocket PC handheld devices

Also Available for iPhone/IPod touch

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  • Evaluating the Patient Before Anesthesia
    Mary Kraft and Stephanie L. Roundtree

    Specific Considerations with Cardiac Disease
    Hovig Chitilian and Johnica Eyvazzadeh

    Specific Considerations with Pulmonary Disease
    Ricardo R. Rivera and Kenneth E. Shepherd

    Specific Considerations with Renal Disease
    Ward Reynolds Maier and Jason M. Isa

    Specific Considerations with Liver Disease
    Stacey Lynn Remchuk and Wilton C. Levine

    Specific Considerations with Endocrine Disease
    Robin Kelly Guillory, Robert A. Peterfreund, and Stephanie L. Lee

    Infectious Diseases and Infection Control in Anesthesia
    Rebecca Aslakson and Judith Hellman

    Safety in Anesthesia
    Sara Naomi Goldhaber-Fiebert and Jeffrey B. Cooper

    The Anesthesia Machine
    Greg Ginsburg and Jane C. Ballantyne

    Arthur J. Tokarczyk and Warren S. Sandberg

    Intravenous and Inhalation Anesthetics
    Owais Saifee and Ken Solt

    Neuromuscular Blockade
    Jaianand S. Sethee and Peter F. Dunn

    Airway Evaluation and Management
    Matthew W. Zeleznik and Peter F. Dunn

    Administration of General Anesthesia
    Stuart A. Forman and Roy P.H. Yang

    Local Anesthetics
    Ping Jin and Jeannie C. Min

    Spinal, Epidural, and Caudal Anesthesia
    May Pian-Smith and Takefumi Nishida

    Regional Anesthesia
    Deepal Sidhu and George Pasvankas

    Intra-anesthetic Problems
    Keith Baker and Deborah A. Stadfelt

    Perioperative Hemodynamic Control
    Vilma Ortiz and Philip K. Lau

    Anesthesia for Abdominal Surgery
    Marjorie A. Podraza and John J.A. Marota

    Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery
    Paul A. Alfille and Jeanna Viola

    Anesthesia for Vascular Surgery
    Edward Bittner and Michael David Kaufman

    Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery
    Edwin G. Avery and George A. Mashour

    Anesthesia for Neurosurgery
    Michele Szabo and George A. Mashour

    Anesthesia for Head and Neck Surgery
    Tzuhao Harry Wu and Martin A. Acquadro

    Anesthesia for Urologic Surgery
    William R. Kimball and Ross Blank

    Anesthesia for Geriatric Patients
    Zhongcong Xie and Jill Lanahan

    Anesthesia for Surgical Emergencies in the Neonate
    Jesse Roberts and Ion Hobai

    Anesthesia for Pediatric Surgery
    Susan Vassallo and Hemanth A. Baboolal

    Anesthesia for Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Ritu Kapoor, Jeannie C. Min, and Lisa Leffert

    Ambulatory Anesthesia
    Sissela Park and Lisa Warren

    Anesthesia Outside of the Operating Room
    John J.A. Marota

    Anesthesia for Trauma and Burns
    Keith Baker and Ala Nozari

    Transfusion Therapy
    Rae Allain and Jonathan E. Charnin

    The Postanesthesia Care Unit
    Loreta Grecu and Dragos Diaconescu

    Perioperative Respiratory Failure
    Luca M. Bigatello and Amy Lu

    Adult, Pediatric, and Newborn Resuscitation
    Bradley E. Randel and Richard M. Pino

    Salahadin Abdi and Adrian Hamburger

    Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    Margaret Gargarian, P. Grace Harrell, and Meraj M. Mohiuddin

    Ethical and End-of-Life Issues
    Rae Allain and Aalok Agarwala

    Appendix I:: Supplementary Drug Information
    Jonathan G. Hsiao and Eric Corey Matten

    Appendix II:: Normal Laboratory Values for Blood
    Jonathan G. Hsiao and Eric Corey Matten

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