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Thieme Dissector Volume 3: Head, Neck and Brain

Thieme Dissector Volume 3: Head, Neck and Brain

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Thieme Dissector, Second Edition is a richly illustrated and detailed three-volume manual for guiding students and teachers in the dissection lab. It is enriched with intricate illustrations of the human anatomy created from the clinicians perspective. These illustrations and the carefully researched and structured text elucidate the layer-by-layer dissection of each region of the human body in a stepwise manner.

The volumes have been created by renowned experts in the field:: Dr. Vishram Singh, Dr. G. P. Pal, Dr. S. D. Gangane, and Dr. Sanjoy Sanyal. The text of the volumes flows lucidly through well-defined sections in each chapter. These sections have also been made visually distinct to aid access. The authors have aimed to make the reading of these volumes educative, interesting, and visually engaging.

Salient Features of the Second Edition

  • Updated videos:: Provides access to more than 100 new videos on Thieme MedOne to facilitate learning, understanding, and comprehension. These videos enhance the scope of understanding the topic under discussion.
  • Dissection screenshots:: Most relevant and duly labelled screenshots from the cadaveric dissection videos are presented at suitable places within the text to provide better insight into the steps of dissection.
  • Radiographs:: Includes newly added radiographs to help broaden the gamut of interpretation of the anatomy.
  • New section:: A new section on Vertebral Column has been added to Volume I for extensive coverage of the back region.

This print book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https://medone.thieme.com.

Publishers Note:: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.

Szczegóły produktu
Georg Thieme


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miękka foliowana
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215.90 x 279.40
Waga (g)
  • 1. Introduction and Osteology of the Head and Neck
    2. Scalp and Superficial Temporal Region
    3. Face
    4. Eyelids and Lacrimal Apparatus
    5. Posterior Triangle
    6. Back of the Neck and Suboccipital Triangle
    7. Anterior Triangle of the Neck
    8. Parotid Region
    9. Temporal and Infratemporal Regions
    10. Temporomandibular Joint
    11. Submandibular Region and Submandibular Gland
    12. Removal of the Brain from the Cranial Cavity, Cranial Meninges, and Dural Venous Sinuses
    13. Cranial Fossae
    14. Orbit
    15. Deep Dissection of the Neck—I: Thyroid Gland
    16. Deep Dissection of the Neck—II: Structures under Cover of the Sternocleidomastoid and Posterior Belly of Digastric
    17. Deep Dissection of the Neck—III: Root of the Neck
    18. Deep Dissection of the Neck—IV: Upper Part of the Cervical Vessels and Nerves
    19. Dissection of the Prevertebral Region and Cervical Plexus
    20. Pharynx, Palatine Tonsil, and Soft Palate
    21. Tongue
    22. Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Air Sinuses
    23. Larynx
    24. Eyeball
    25. Ear
    26. Joints of the Neck Region
    27. Brain—Introduction and its Blood Vessels
    28. Brainstem
    29. Cerebellum
    30. Fourth Ventricle
    31. Cerebrum: External Features
    32. Structures Seen on the Midsagittal Section of the Forebrain
    33. White Matter of the Cerebrum
    34. Dissection of the Lateral Ventricle
    35. Dissection of Basal Nuclei
    36. Sections of the Brain

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