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The Birth of Modern Neuroscience in Turin

The Birth of Modern Neuroscience in Turin

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This book is a journey to discover and rediscover famous and lesser known aspects of the birth of modern neuroscience in Turin, from pre-Enlightenment to the 1980s. The pioneering contributions of neuroscientists from Turin and working in Turin and how they shaped the national and international community are critically explored.A brief selection of topics covered by The Birth of Modern Neuroscience in Turin::· Luigi Rolandos neuroanatomical drawings· Cesare Lombrosos controversial stances on criminal anthropology· Angelo Mossos pioneering neuroimaging experiments· Ernesto Lugaros contributions to neuroplasticity and psychiatry· Federico Kiesow and the development of experimental psychology in Europe· Camillo Negros first clinical neurological movies· Giuseppe Levis histological works and his mentorship· Rita Levi Montalcini and her Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the Nerve Growth Factor
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156 x 235
  • 1. The Savoy-Piedmont Renaissance:: from pre-Enlightenment to the end of the 18th century; 2. The Savoy-Piedmont Renaissance:: between materialism and spiritualism; 3. Carlo Francesco Giuseppe Bellingeri, a forgotten pioneer of the Italian neurology; 4. Exploring the Museum of Human Anatomy; 5. Cesare Lombroso:: an unconventional biography; 6. Seeing the history of neuroscience in Turin through the lenses of its instruments/part 1; 7. Enrico Morselli in Turin:: expectations, challenges and disappointment; 8. Neuroimaging before neuroimaging:: Angelo Mossos pioneering experiments; 9. The role of Federico Kiesow in the development of experimental psychology in Europe; 10. Camillo Negro:: neurologist, neuroscientist, science communicator and mentor; 11. Brief happy military-neurophysiological stint of Mario Camis in wartime Turin; 12. Seeing the history of neuroscience in Turin through the lenses of its instruments/part 2; 13. Giulio Bizzozero and Aldo Perroncito:: reform and regeneration; 14. Ernesto Lugaro:: the founder of the Turin neurological school; 15. Ernesto Lugaro:: contributions to modern psychiatry; 16. Agostino Gemellis years in Turin; 17. Mario Ponzo and the age of visual illusions; 18. Science and literature at Giuseppe Levis home in Turin; 19. Myth, religion, politics and literature; 20. A real imperfection? Rita and the long story of the Nerve Growth Factor; Acknowledgments;
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